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Research On Risk Prevention Of Private Equity-Crowdfunding Platform In China

Posted on:2019-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Internet finance has become one of the representative trends of modern finance.With the gradual expansion of Internet financial business,the public offering of private equity has been rapidly launched and developed.Private equity raise belongs to extend financing business,plays an important role in the multi-level capital market,it is important to solve the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises to leverage and promote public entrepreneurship,innovation to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream,is an important symbol of China has entered the era of equity.From a broad perspective,Internet public offering of private equity belongs to the scope of venture capital.The Internet based platform for private financing is resource platform,which raises funds,talents,intelligence,channels,customers and so on.The whole life cycle of the Internet private equity is full of uncertainty,and its complexity and risk are far higher than the P2 P,third party payments and so on.With the emergence of a large number of private equity platforms,private equity has intensified competition in the industry.But China's Internet private equity to raise public development time is short,the legal status is not clear,regulatory lag,industry practice and foundation is not stable,the credit system is not perfect,the single exit way and other factors restricting the further development of China's private equity to raise the public internet.The main purpose of this paper is through the status quo of private equity from rapid growth to enter the bottleneck period to raise industry,regulatory policies and learning the experience of foreign countries,analyzes China's Internet private equity to raise public platform facing various risks,through in-depth analysis of specific cases we voted platform,that is suitable for me China's Internet private equity to raise sustainable development risk prevention recommendations,provide a good basis for strategic investors and issuers,investment and financing activities,put forward the constructive opinions and suggestions for the future development of the supervision industry to raise the public for private equity.This paper first studies the concept,characteristics and the basis of risk theory related to private equity,and puts forward the common risk of private equity in the industry.Then on China's private equity to raise the development of the industry status quo and problems of the risk analysis,to find out China's private equity to raise public regulatory problems faced by the industry generally,and finally through the case analysis,the representative platform participating risk subject facing in-depth analysis and comparison,combined with the reality of our country,the proposed risk prevention countermeasures and suggestions for China's private equity industry to raise public development,fill the gap in research on China's private equity to raise public.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private equity, Risk, Public platform, Regulatory recommendations
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