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The Research Of Private Equity Crowdfunding Based On Internet Platform

Posted on:2017-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Private equity crowdfunding is a model based on the new Internet platform for equity financing, it appears to solve the financing difficulties of small micro-enterprise issues of importance. Compared with the traditional high threshold of equity financing mode, financing private equity crowdfunding model has low threshold, low cost, high efficiency, it makes more ordinary people can venture into the process via the Internet crowdfunding platform. However, since private equity crowdfunding in China is still a new thing, its development is still in the exploratory stage, many of our people are more familiar with them. For this financing model to better serve China’s economic development, we need to study it in depth.This paper conclud five major subject. The first part is a literature review of private equity crowdfunding, specifically illustrates the major domestic and foreign research results and progress in terms of equity crowdfunding. The second part is the private equity crowdfunding crowdfunding in the current development of the research carried out, including a study of private equity crowdfunding crowdfunding in our analysis of the industry and the development of the industry accounting for analysis, private equity crowdfunding profit model analysis, as well as private equity crowdfunding four basic types, and on this basis, summed up the private equity crowdfunding equity financing relative advantages and disadvantages of other modes. The third part of the private equity crowdfunding platform must be attached to the Internet have been studied and illustrated. The fourth part is the study of private equity crowdfunding risks and regulatory issues. On risk research, from the perspective of private equity crowdfunding participants Angle Angle private equity crowdfunding platform and related economic and legal system of private equity crowdfunding conducted risk analysis, and propose preventive measures. Regulatory issues research study, we propose the regulatory status quo and the corresponding problems faced by the US experience in regulatory issues, and put forward suggestions and countermeasures. The fifth section on the basis of the above analysis of the article presents conclusions and prospects for private equity crowdfunding in our development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private equity crowdfunding, Operating mode, Platform, Legal risk, Regulatory
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