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Research On Business Model Of School-run Technological Enterprises From The Perspective Of Value Innovation

Posted on:2020-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572483301Subject:Business Administration
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Based on the value innovation of the business model of school-run technological enterprises as the research theme,this paper takes the value innovation as the research perspective,and takes the analysis about the present situation of the business model of school-run technological enterprises as the breakthrough point.This paper also discusses the actual needs of the value innovation and competitiveness enhancement of school-run technological enterprises,to designs the profit model about the value innovation of school-run technological enterprises,and establishes The business model about value innovation in technology-based enterprises.This will provides some theoretical basis and method exploration for value innovation of technology-based enterprises of our country.Mainly do the research and analysis from four directions.(1)The analysis of school-run technological enterprises in business model.This paper systematically analyses the development of the motivation and practical significance about school-run technological enterprises.It summarizes the main business models adopted by the present school-run technological enterprises—model of the best product and service?the model of meeting customer needs,?the model of product and service system alliance,and the model of constructing value network.It also compares and analyses the problems that existing in the design and operation of the school-run technological enterprises' business model.(2)The value innovation needs of school-run technology enterprises.The school-run technological enterprises have produced several functions in the cooperate innovation between industry University and research:Trainning talents for market needs?The innovative ability?Create value for the participants of industrialization?Promote the innovation and development of their region?Deepen the demand recognition of the school-run technological enterprises for value innovation,and sum up eight elements of the school-run technological enterprises'demand for value innovation:The school-run technological enterprises?The universities and scientific research institutions?government departments,?financial organizations?intermediaries?The supply chain enterprises?consumers and other participants.(3)The construction of value innovation system for business model of school-run technological enterprises.According to the design and research of the value innovation system of school-run technological enterprises,the elements and structure of the value innovation system are obtained.Then,according to the value activity design of the value innovation system about school-run technological enterprises,and come to conclusion about the value orientation?value activity of the value innovation system,as well as the operation mechanism.Then,the profit model of school-run technological enterprises are designed based on the value activity and the perspective of value innovation—The profit model design under one-stop service,The profit design of value innovation point and The profit distribution design,and forward the view of locking profit model at last.
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