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Research On The Countermeasures Of Shenyang Municipal Government Supporting The Development Of High-tech Enterprises

Posted on:2019-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572964079Subject:Administrative Management
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High-tech is a powerful driving force for economic development.High-tech has become an important criterion for measuring whether a country and region have economic strength and development potential.Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,all provinces and cities across the country actively carried out scientific and technological innovation activities,implemented the spirit of innovation,and vigorously assisted high-tech enterprises in their regions to attract investment and intelligence in order to promote the development of high-tech enterprises.High-tech enterprises are the market mainstay for developing high-tech industry.However,high-tech enterprises have the characteristics of high risk and intense investment.It is difficult to promote the rapid development of high-tech enterprises by only relying on market forces.Therefore,all levels of government.across the country who recognize the importance of high-tech enterprise for economic development have issued policies to reinforce policy guidance and support for funds,talents,as well as platforms,to improve science and technology,and to support the development of high-tech enterprises.City of Shenyang has been earnestly carrying out scientific and technological work,implementing the spirit of scientific and technological innovation,promoting the comprehensive revitalization of Shenyang's tradition as Northeast China's industrial base,pushing supply-side structural reform,vigorously implementing the innovation-driven development strategy,and combining technological innovation with Shenyang's traditional vantage industries.Shenyang also promotes the market transformation of scientific and technological achievements,thus creates a strong driving force for Shenyang' s economic development.In recent years,Shenyang's number of high-tech enterprises,scientific research investment,patent applications and scientific and technological market realizations has increased significantly.The current policies for supporting the development of high-tech enterprises in Shenyang have played an important role in promoting the development of high-tech enterprises.There are still some problems in the development of high-tech enterprises.In order to solve these problems,relevant support policies need to be further improved.Based on the above background,this paper takes Shenyang as the research base,starting from the policy practice of supporting the development of high-tech enterprises in Shenyang,analyzes the policy situation of supporting the development of Shenyang's high-tech enterprise,and finds some problems and deficiencies.On the basis of the original policies and drawing from the advanced experience of other regions' support policies,the paper puts forward policy recommendations in line with the economic and political conditions of Shenyang.It also provides policy reference and theoretical basis to support Shenyang's development of high-tech enterprises.It will promote the development of high-tech enterprises in and the economic prosperity of Shenyang.Certain policies and practice can also provide reference for other local governments in the same situation as Shenyang.Based on the new public management theory,market failure theory and spillover effect theory,this paper adopts three research methods:literature research,case analysis and comparative analysis.By analyzing the case of one high-tech enterprise--Shenyang Siasun Robot Automation Co.,Ltd.,this paper illustrates and analyzes the effects of Shenyang's high-tech support policies such as guidance policies,financial policies,fiscal and taxation policies,talent attraction policies,intellectual property protection policies,promotion of scientific and technological market realization policies,as well as information service and technology service platform construction policies.In the process of analysis,it was found that Shenyang's high-tech enterprises still have a certain degree of difficulties with financing,lack of high-level talents and professional talents,are dependent on government policies,and don't have enough quantities;In the policy of supporting the development of high-tech enterprises,the Shenyang Municipal Government also has problems of insufficient financial support,with only short-term support for talents,and low efficiency of some support policies,which all have space for improvement.Then,through the analysis of City of Shenzhen's guidance policy,its use of financial funds,its way of talent introduction and the experience of building excellent investment atmosphere,the corresponding policy recommendations were put forward.Those recommendations include the sound financial policies to support high-tech enterprises,the reinforcement of talent introduction and training policies,the creation of good environment for high-tech enterprise development,and the support for high-tech enterprises to carry out inter-regional exchanges and cooperation,etc.These recommendations are intended to benefit the development of Shenyang's high-tech enterprises and the improvement of related policies.They will provide support for the goal of establishing Shenyang as a Northeast Asia Science and Technology Innovation Center.
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