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A Study On The Impact Of Knowledge Network And Cooperative Network On Enterprise Exploratory Innovation

Posted on:2020-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575495195Subject:Business management
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Enterprise innovation is not only an important engine of industrial upgrading and rapid economic development,but also a source of power for enterprises to maintain sustainable competitive advantage.With the rapid development of economy and the improvement of the complexity of technological innovation,enterprises pay more and more attention to the degree of networking and cooperation in their R&D activities.Therefore,the networking ability of R&D activities has become a key competitiveness for high-tech enterprises to seek and obtain competitive advantages.More and more innovative subjects begin to establish formal or informal links.Innovation network carries out technological innovation activities.This paper takes the micro-level intra-firm innovation network as an example to study.Because R&D personnel are embedded not only in the cooperative network formed by the cooperative relationship,but also in the knowledge network formed by the coupling of knowledge elements,based on the embedding characteristics of multi-layer network,this paper embeds the cooperative network of R&D personnel as the main variable to analyze the structural embedding of the cooperative network.How to influence enterprise's exploratory innovation output and embedding knowledge network structure as a moderating variable to investigate the interaction mechanism between knowledge network and cooperative network.On the characterization of network embedding characteristics,this paper uses two indicators of network structure hole and network degree centrality to explore the role of cooperative network and knowledge network structure characteristics in enterprise's exploratory innovation.Department,for enterprises to build innovation cooperation network for exploratory innovation to provide thinking and reference.This paper uses the patent data of Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as“Huawei”)in the National Intellectual Property Rights Patent Retrieval Library from 2009 to 2014 to carry out empirical research.The results show that in the cooperative network composed of R&D personnel,the two indicators of structural hole and degree centrality have different effects on exploratory innovation.The former has a positive promoting effect,while the latter has a restraining effect.Effect.In the knowledge network embedded by R&D staff,structural holes and degree-centricity also have different moderating effects on cooperative network and exploratory innovation.This paper carries out empirical research based on multi-level innovation network embedded by R&D personnel,opens up a new perspective for the follow-up research of innovation network,helps to further expand and improve the relevant research on the impact of network structure characteristics on enterprise exploratory innovation,and provides new ideas for more scientific understanding and understanding of the influencing factors of innovation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:exploratory innovation, cooperative network, knowledge network, structural hole, degree centrality
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