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Research On The Equalization Of Basic Public Services In Fiscal Transfer Payments

Posted on:2020-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330578459000Subject:Public Finance
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Ensure fair to all citizens get roughly equal basic public services is an important duty of the government is the important premise of equal basic public services between regions equal resources in national regions is located in the northwest inland,because of the natural resources endowment and policy difference,the economic and social development level is relatively backward,compared with the ethnic minority regions,the supply of basic public service level and quality there is a big gap in order to comprehensively promote equal basic public services,the central government to the minority regions has been the implementation of special care policy.Since the tax reform,the central fiscal transfer payment in ethnic areas is strengthened,the level of public service supply in ethnic minority regions has improved a lot,but the gap with the ethnic minority areas still larger study equalization effect of fiscal transfer payment in ethnic minority regions,to further improve the system of fiscal transfer payment,local government financial behavior norms ethnic areas have positive theoretical significance and practical value.In this paper,on the basis of combing summarized relevant research results at home and abroad,using the theory and the theory of fiscal decentralization,fiscal equalization of equalization effect of fiscal transfer payment made a normative analysis,and after the founding of the people of the central aid policy changes made in ethnic areas,different periods are summarized the characteristics of the central fiscal subsidy policy in ethnic areas and the main content in empirical research part,first of all,the level of basic public service supply in ethnic areas unbalance is analyzed,respectively from the ethnic minority regions and between the ethnic minority regions From two perspectives within each ethnic region,dynamic descriptive statistical analysis is conducted on the input and output levels of typical basic public services to reveal the differences.After select public education?medical treatment and health?social security and cultural service four categories of basic public services such as design evaluation index,using the comprehensive evaluation method to build basic public services in national regions output index,through the coefficient of variation to measure the effect of equal basic public services in national regions,the results show that in 2008 and 2017,the output level of basic public services among ethnic regions gradually tends to equalize.Using the panel data model to further in ethnic areas the influence factors of the equalization of basic public service level analysis of the empirical results show that the fiscal transfer payment in ethnic areas played a significant role in equalization of basic public services According to the above research conclusions,the following Suggestions are put forward: Increase the input of financial transfer payment in ethnic minority areas;Establishing a transfer payment system with general transfer payment as the main and special transfer payment as the subsidiary;Improve the system for calculating transfer payments in ethnic minority regions;Innovating the mode of supply of basic public services in ethnic minority regions;Improve the structure of government spending in ethnic minority regions and increase spending on basic public services;Improve the financial self-sufficiency of ethnic minority regions;Improve the use performance of financial transfer payment funds;Improve the use performance of financial transfer payment funds.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fiscal transfer payment, Basic public services, Equalization effect, Minority regions
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