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A Case Study Of Credit Counter-guarantee Financing For SMEs

Posted on:2020-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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SMEs are an important force in promoting the development of the socialist market economy.At present,SMEs in China usually use mortgage loans to alleviate the shortage of funds.Most of the collateral required for bank commercial loans is physical assets,but most of the SMEs are in their infancy,and the physical assets available for mortgage are relatively weak,and it is difficult to meet the requirements of collaterals by banks and other lending institutions.Therefore,credit counter-guarantee came into being.The collateral for credit counter-guarantee is virtual credit.This is a problem for SMEs with light assets,mostly patented inventions and industrial intellectual property rights,which has alleviated the problem of providing sufficient collateral in physical mortgages.It has certain positive significance for expanding the financing channels of SMEs and solving the problems of difficult financing and expensive financing of SMEs.This paper chooses small and medium-sized enterprises credit counter-guarantee financing cases for research.The data of all parties involved in the case analysis and business finance and credit information mainly come from the business management system of the guarantee company which is in the leading level in the national guarantee industry.In this business management system,a typical enterprise A is selected for case study.Enterprise A has successfully obtained 5 million yuan of liquidity loan through the guarantee company by using the credit counter-guarantee provided by third-party enterprises.It explores the feasibility of using enterprise credit instead of traditional collateral as enterprise financing guarantee.Through first-hand data,this paper analyses the credit level of A enterprise and third-party anti-guarantee enterprise,and compares the indicators of A enterprise before and after anti-guarantee financing.It shows the main deduction process and quantitative basis of project decision-making intuitively and truthfully.This paper points out that the difficulties for SMEs to obtain loans through the credit counter-guarantee mode lie mainly in the integration and sharing of corporate credit data by financing guarantee companies,and also in the construction and improvement of the whole social credit system.In the last part of this paper,some problems,such as the form of enterprise ownership,credit rating and small quota,are put forward,which are the main factors restricting the development of credit counterguarantee business.In addition,this paper also puts forward some suggestions to improve the business management system,such as data security and confidentiality.Through the case analysis,the paper hopes to clarify the main problems: First,the credit counter-guarantee financing model is more conducive to light assets,more patented inventions,industrial intellectual property as the main characteristics of SME financing;second,in the initial stage For SMEs,they can enhance their credit level through honest management,improve accounting and financial management,and enhance entrepreneurial credit,thus making it easier for them to obtain financing through credit counter-guarantee.Third,from the perspective of industry classification,those major Intangible assets such as intelligence,intellectual property rights,patented technologies,trademarks,and small and medium-sized enterprises with services(trade,processing,etc.)as the main source of income are more suitable for relying on their own good credit and local government policy support,etc.Financing;Finally,the government and guarantee institutions can improve the credit counter-guarantee model by improving the construction of credit counter-guarantee system,strengthening the construction of credit information platform,and strengthening the information security protection of credit reporting entities,further realizing multi-party data sharing and better serving entities.To help solve the problem of financing difficult financing expensive for small and medium enterprises.
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