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An Empirical Research On Relationship Of The Integration Of Opportunity And Resource,Entrepreneurial Learning And Entrepreneurial Performance

Posted on:2020-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the context of a transitional economy,the uncertainty of the institution and subsistence market thrusts start-ups into diversified entrepreneurial strategic directions.However,in the field of entrepreneurial research,most scholars use opportunity orientation and resource orientation as independent variables to explore their relationships with entrepreneurial performance.Studies with such a paradigm can hardly solve the special problems of a transitional economy due to the limitations of boundary conditions and neglect of the integration between opportunity and resource(ORI),which makes maximizing entrepreneurial performance difficult.Additionally,based on the theory of the institution and learning,the contributions of opportunity orientation and resource orientation to performance are diverse due to different levels of entrepreneurial learning in a transitional economy.Therefore,guided by the maxims of the traditional Chinese philosophy of “the balance of yin and yang” and “the cultivation of internal and external,” we first divide the ORI into two sub-dimensions: internal integration(ITI)and external integration(ETI)and measure them.Ultimately,the ORI will also reflect the interaction and balance between ITI and ETI.Briefly,the paper explores the relationship between ITI,ETI,ORI and entrepreneurial performance.Then,we validate the moderating effects of exploration and exploitation learning styles on the ORI and entrepreneurial performance.Using 274 enterprise samples,the findings confirm that ORI has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial performance.This result indicates that a complementary effect exists between ITI and ETI and that entrepreneurial performance can be improved by the ORI.In addition,exploration and exploitation positively moderate the relationship between ORI and entrepreneurial performance.This effect demonstrates that start-ups with high levels of entrepreneurial learning can maximize their performance under the guidance of ORI.The conclusion enriches and expands the dualistic theory of entrepreneurship.It provides the necessary theoretical guidance for start-ups to coordinate and integrate different entrepreneurial strategic directions and conduct effective entrepreneurship learning activities in the context of a transitional economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:transitional economy, ORI, entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial performance
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