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Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurial Opportunity Exploitation And Entrepreneurial Performance

Posted on:2016-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Entrepreneurship has become a hot topic all over the world, it is not only the strong driving force for a country’s economic development, but also to infuse fresh vitality to the enterprise, and achieve personal dreams.But the entrepreneurial process is not easy, entrepreneurs usually face two major problems in the entrepreneurial process, they are:the opportunity to identify and access to resources, identify the opportunity is the foundation of entrepreneurial activities, and access to resources is a guarantee to a successful entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation. Entrepreneurial learning is a necessary means for entrepreneurs to access knowledge and information, entrepreneurs build new knowledge system through entrepreneurship learning,the system is helpful for entrepreneurs to better identify and seize the opportunity, to improve the outcomes of entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation, thus acquire the success of.entrepreneurship.The uncertainty and unpredictability of the entrepreneurial environment determine that the entrepreneurship must be different from the general business activities, in this case,the goal-oriented based on the traditional hypothesis of economics and management seems to be difficult to adapt to the entrepreneurial environment, the effectuation attracted the attention of scholars. Effectuation is more applicable to the theory of entrepreneurial activity which develops because of the changes of entrepreneurial context, enterprises taking the effectuation management or goal-directed behavior will inevitably have an impact on the learning process, the paper innovatively distinguish effectuation entrepreneurial learning and goal-oriented entrepreneurial learning, the five dimensions of entrepreneurial learning as the carrier, to discuss the important role of effectuation entrepreneurial learning for entrepreneurial performance.Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities is a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition of entrepreneurship.After identifying entrepreneurial opportunities,entrepreneurs need to decide whether to take the opportunity and the ways to exploit opportunities.The discuss of the relationship between entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation and entrepreneurship performance is the focus of research in the field of entrepreneurship,but few scholars considering entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation while discussing the relationship between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance,just discuss the relationship between any two of the three.This article use entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation as an intermediary variables to study how entrepreneurial learning improve entrepreneurial performance by entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation.This paper mainly divides into four parts. The first part is the introduction which introduces the background, significance, research methods and ideas,and explains the innovation of this paper.The second part is the literature review and research hypothesis which combs the domestic and foreign scholars’studies on entrepreneurial learning,entrepreneurial performance entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation,the goal-oriented and the effectuation.Then make a simple review on these studies and put forward hypothesis.The third part is the research design and empirical analysis, using SPSS19.0software to analysis data,adopt’s correlation analysis,regression analysis,validity and reliability to test the proposed hypothesis.The fourth part put forward the conclusion of this study,management advice,the shortcomings and the future research directions.Through the analysis,this paper mainly draws four conclusions.Firstly, there is a significant positive correlation between effectuated entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance,on contrary,there is a negative correlation between goal-oriented entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance.Secondly, there is a significant positive correlation between goal-oriented entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation,between effectuated entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation.Thirdly,the entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation plays an intermediary role between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance especially in strategy testing, information sharing,and experience reflection,the intermediary role are significant.Fourthly, there is a negative correlation between innovative thinking and entrepreneurial performance,but when add the intermediary role of the entrepreneurial opportunity exploitation,innovative thinking has a positive role in promoting entrepreneurial performance.
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