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How And When Entrepreneurial Passion Leads To Entrepreneurial Outcomes

Posted on:2022-03-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:ATAULLAH KIANIFull Text:PDF
GTID:1489306332970099Subject:Business Administration
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Entrepreneurial passion is an intense positive feeling and strong identification with entrepreneurial activities,which is one of the most observed phenomena in entrepreneurship.Contemporary research has focused on entrepreneurial passion and its outcomes.However,when and how entrepreneurial passion leads to entrepreneurial outcomes and under which conditions is underexplored.Passion can influence the behavioral outcomes of entrepreneurs in a variety of ways.Keeping this in mind this dissertation is going to examine the entrepreneurial passion-outcomes link from three different perspectives.Each perspective will be elaborated upon in a single study,in total three studies.Furthermore,these mechanisms and contingent effects not only provide an elaborative theoretical lens but also provide the empirical examination,each study is a separate empirical examination for each path or each process line and is going to justify this dissertations'contributions.Moreover,even though entrepreneurial passion is important for venture creation and growth,the literature has barely begun to uncover the most exciting questions concerning entrepreneurial passion,radical innovation,entrepreneurial persistence and entrepreneurial intention.Therefore,it is important to investigate how and under which conditions entrepreneurial passion exerts a positive effect on radical innovation,persistence and entrepreneurial intention.This dissertation conducts a series of studies to explore few unnoticed mechanisms,boundary conditions and outcomes.Based on the above the author conducted three different studies.In study 1,the extant literature affirms that passion is important for entrepreneurs'success.However,the related studies have failed to explain how and when entrepreneurial passion affects firms' radical innovation.Therefore,study 1 explores the connections between entrepreneurial passion and firms' radical innovation and mediation of exploratory learning in this relationship.Moreover,this study investigates the moderating role of the Zhong-Yong thinking of Chinese entrepreneurs.Findings from Small and Medium enterprises in China demonstrate that entrepreneurial passion directly influences radical innovation and indirectly through exploratory learning.Zhong-Yong thinking of Chinese entrepreneurs can likewise reinforce the connection between their entrepreneurial passion and radical innovation via exploratory learning.Lastly,study 1 discusses the theoretical and practical implications of the findings.Study 2 explicates that although research affirms that entrepreneurial passion is an important predictor of entrepreneurial persistence,much less is known of the underlying processes through which entrepreneurial passion leads to entrepreneurial persistence.Drawing upon the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions,this study uncovers the mediating effects of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and the moderating roles of proactive personality between the relationship of entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial persistence.The results of survey data from small and medium firms in China demonstrate that entrepreneurial self-efficacy mediates the link between entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial persistence.The proactive personality of an entrepreneur also strengthens the direct relationship between entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial self-efficacy and the indirect relationship between entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial persistence via entrepreneurial self-efficacy.These findings elaborate on how entrepreneurs and their proactive personalities improve their entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial persistence.Study 3 addresses the question regarding how entrepreneurial passion for founding increases the propensity for entrepreneurial intention.This study also explains the moderating relationship of perceived person-entrepreneurship fit between entrepreneurial passion for founding and entrepreneurial intention.The research was conducted at a major Chinese public sector university that includes a correlation survey to pinpoint the outcomes by examining whether the suggested effects support the influence of unclear variables in daily life.The results of study 3 show that entrepreneurial intention is highly expected by an entrepreneurial passion for founding when a strong perception of fit with entrepreneurship is attained.By comparison,if one perceives a low level of fit or no fit,the intention of entrepreneurship will be small regardless of the passion of entrepreneurship.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entrepreneurial passion, exploratory learning, entrepreneurial Zhong-Yong thinking, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, proactive personality, perceived fit, person-entrepreneurship fit, radical innovation, entrepreneurial persistence
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