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Research On The Relationship Between Cognitive Style And Entrepreneurial Performance Based On The Moderator Effect Of Entrepreneurial Learning

Posted on:2020-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330599960628Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Innovation and entrepreneurship are the themes of the current era.The state encourages entrepreneurs and individuals to start their own entrepreneurial activities,and advocates the promotion of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.This has also aroused widespread concern of theoretical researchers and social practitioners,and has become a research in spot.At the same time,entrepreneurial research is undergoing a new transformation and deepening.Mainstream research has begun to deepen its focus on entrepreneurial behavior to focus on entrepreneurial cognition and to explore the cognitive causes and mechanisms behind entrepreneurial behavior.Entrepreneurial cognition has become an emerging school in the field of entrepreneurial research,and has attracted widespread attention from scholars at home and abroad.In this context,this thesis takes the entrepreneurs of new ventures as the research object,based on the related theories such as cognition and learning,proposes and tests the relationship between entrepreneurs' cognitive style and entrepreneurial performance,and the intermediary of entrepreneurial learning in this process.The role of regulation and environmental uncertainty,to explain the impact of entrepreneurial cognitive style on entrepreneurial performance.Firstly,this paper reviews the related researches on entrepreneurs' cognitive style,entrepreneurial learning,environmental uncertainty and entrepreneurial performance through systematic literature review.Secondly,based on the existing researches such as cognitive style and entrepreneurial learning theory,the research model of this paper is constructed.Ten research hypotheses are proposed through theoretical deduction,and the questionnaires of this paper are designed by using the existing maturity scale.Next,based on 210 valid questionnaires,AMOS24.0 data analysis software was used to verify the direct and indirect effects between entrepreneurs' cognitive style and entrepreneurial performance,and the intermediary role of entrepreneurial learning in the two;using SPSS20.0 analyzes the role of environmental uncertainty in the regulation of entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance.Finally,the paper reveals themechanism of the entrepreneur's cognitive style on entrepreneurial performance through empirical analysis,and enriches the existing research on entrepreneurs' cognitive style.At the same time,remind entrepreneurs not only to pay attention to individual cognitive traits,but also to adopt appropriate learning strategies and consider the impact of environmental uncertainty on entrepreneurial outcomes.
Keywords/Search Tags:entrepreneur, cognitive style, entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial performance, environmental uncertainty
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