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Research On The Mechanism Of Entrepreneurial Intention On Entrepreneurial Behavior

Posted on:2019-07-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Opportunity discovery and entrepreneurial behavior are the core of modern entrepreneurial theory.The three basic questions that need to be answered in entrepreneurship research are: why,when and how can they create opportunities for goods and services? Which individuals or groups,when,and how do they find and use these opportunities? Why,when,and why do they have different ways and behavior when they use the opportunity? In their conceptual framework,entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial opportunities are the core factors that constitute the research of entrepreneurship.An intention and ability to complete the entrepreneurial behavior,it is necessary but not sufficient prerequisite for entrepreneurial behavior,entrepreneurship is the purpose of a series of social activities.Entrepreneurial intention organizational model regards entrepreneurial intention as the starting point of new venture creation process.It regards "entrepreneurial intention,opportunistic search,new business creation decision" as a process of organizational development.The important role of small and medium enterprises in recent years in the national economy to stimulate the enthusiasm of researching on entrepreneurial intention in academic circles.Interaction between influence factors on entrepreneurial intention and different influencing factors on entrepreneurial intention,has important theoretical and practical significance on entrepreneurship research.Entrepreneurial intention can be seen as a psychological process and at the core of the entrepreneurial process.The person who has entrepreneurial intention should also has the possibilities and not refuse the possibilities of establishing a new enterprise.So the entrepreneurial intention refers to the individual plans to create a new enterprise as well as the possibility of future implementation the plan.After the entrepreneur has the intention to start a business,it becomes particularly important to carry out a real entrepreneurial behavior.The issue of "entrepreneurial motivation and why some people can succeed" is the focus of entrepreneurship researchers.So many scholars study the theory of entrepreneurship from the individual point of view.The theory of entrepreneurship at the individual level started from the theory of entrepreneur trait.The theory holds that some demographic differences between entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs are the reasons for entrepreneurial motivation.."What kind of cognitive process and action mechanism do entrepreneurs take to make decisions" is the breakthrough point of entrepreneurial cognition research.Cognitive theory holds that some entrepreneurs have some previous information,experience and knowledge.Such information matrix and knowledge domain constitute their cognitive basis,and then generate opportunityrecognition behavior.In order to obtain previous information,experience and knowledge,entrepreneurial learning is becoming very important,and entrepreneurial learning is considered as a cognitive process.The individual forms knowledge in the cognitive process and affects its actions.The process of entrepreneurial opportunity identification is determined by the individual characteristics and entrepreneurial environment of the entrepreneur.The uncertainty of the environment will lead to the emergence of entrepreneurial opportunities.Environmental change can provide entrepreneurs with different kinds of information,and entrepreneurs need to identify these information and find out information that can lead to entrepreneurship.Therefore,entrepreneurial process is influenced by entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.Entrepreneurial behavior is independent of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment.The research contents include entrepreneurial intention,entrepreneurial learning,entrepreneurial opportunity identification,entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurial characteristics and environmental uncertainty.The following is as follows:This research takes entrepreneurial entrepreneurs in China as the research object,analyzes the relationship between entrepreneurial willingness,entrepreneurial behavior,entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial learning,enriches the theoretical and empirical research of entrepreneurial behavior.First,this study through the previous theoretical review,analyzes the relationship between entrepreneurial learning,entrepreneurial intention,entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial behavior,entrepreneurial intention,discovery of entrepreneurial learning,entrepreneurial opportunity recognition has a positive effect on entrepreneurial behavior;second,based on the theoretical model of entrepreneurial intention and behavior theory.Analysis of the internal mechanism of the relationship between entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior,this study established a "entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial behavior" of the intermediary effect model,at the same time,the relationship between individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the business environment affect the entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior of each among the variables.The characteristics of entrepreneurs and environmental uncertainty as a moderating variable "entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial behavior" model,put forward the hypothesis of this research;third,the pre survey through in-depth interviews of minority entrepreneurs and small scope of the rationality of the questionnaire were analyzed,according to the analysis interview suggestions and scale factor,the revision and perfection of the questionnaire of this study.The empirical research process uses the empirical research methods such as reliability and validity analysis,regression analysis and so on.The 30 hypotheses are tested empirically.Fourth,based on the empirical results,theresearch conclusions and future research prospects are presented.This empirical study draws the following conclusions: first,entrepreneurial intention and perceived desirability and perceived feasibility has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial behavior;second,positive effect of entrepreneurial opportunity identification and the dimension of opportunity and feasibility of profitability has significant opportunities to entrepreneurial behavior;at the same time,partially mediated the relationship between entrepreneurial opportunity recognition in the entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior;third,entrepreneurial learning and the dimension of experiential learning and cognitive learning has a positive effect on entrepreneurial behavior significantly,at the same time,the relationship between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial behavior in entrepreneurial intention plays the part of the intermediary role;fourth,the relationship between entrepreneur traits on entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior is positive the moderating effect,and regulate the relationship between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunity identification is not significant.Fifth,environmental uncertainty has a significant positive moderating effect on the relationship between entrepreneurial willingness,entrepreneurial opportunity identification,and entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial behavior.This study extends the research of entrepreneurial behavior from the psychology and social cognitive perspective,studied in the following aspects: first,to expand and enrich the construction of "research model of entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurial behavior",the relevant theoretical research to improve the entrepreneurial intention,entrepreneurial behavior,and the influence of the combination of theory and practice.The three elements of entrepreneurial intention,entrepreneurial opportunity identification and entrepreneurial learning are analyzed.It provides a new perspective for research on entrepreneurial behavior.Second,it broadens the research perspective of entrepreneurial opportunity identification and entrepreneurial learning.The identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial learning "into the research model of entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior,entrepreneurial intention can be found" in part by the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities or entrepreneurial learning transfer to enhance the role of individual entrepreneurial behavior,influence mechanism between entrepreneurial intention to broaden the scope of the study and entrepreneurial behavior.Third,the system constructs the entrepreneur trait and environmental uncertainty factors under the "entrepreneurial intention-entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial behavior" model,enrich the research of entrepreneurial behavior,an empirical test of mechanism between entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial behavior.Fourth,from the perspective of dynamic entrepreneurial process,study the potential business groups to carry out the process of entrepreneurial intention from entrepreneurial behavior,toprovide theoretical and practical reference for the entrepreneurial aspirations of entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial behavior,provide useful inspiration for improving entrepreneurs' entrepreneurial behavior.
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