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Research On Improvement Of FC Supply Chain Management

Posted on:2021-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330611962788Subject:Business Administration
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At present our country is facing the challenge of a trade war and war of science and technology,At the same time,our labor costs compared to southeast Asian countries have no advantage.In this context,how to play the advantages of our country has a complete industrial chain,continue to maintain the world's manufacturing hub,is that we must now face the challenge.Now enterprise's competition is not only the competition of science and technology,is also in the supply chain competition.In the era of supply chain competition,the electronic manufacturing enterprises face a industrial economy era of different competition environment.We must keep up with the world development situation,using the latest management methods to manage the electronic manufacturing enterprises,make it into the supply chain management,and each link in the process of production and operation.FC company is a leading electronics manufacturing industry enterprises,over the years has been to promote lean production,continuously reduce production costs,avoid waste.With the deepening of the improvement,the improvement of the production process is hard to have big space for authors,and with the development of Internet technology,FC company found its supply chain management has great improvement space.Carding FC company of the insufficiency of the supply chain management,improve the FC company's supply chain management,raising the level of supply chain management in FC company,was the subject of this paper.This study first introduces the basic situation of FC company,points out that the FC company is a leader in electronic manufacturing industry,the production mode of FC company is OEM and ODM foundry pattern.This study firstly introduces the FC company currently supply chain operation process,the demand in supply chain,procurement,warehousing and logistics has made the detailed introduction.And from the aspects of material requirement,purchasing operations and warehousing logistics reveals the FC problems existing in the supply chain management company.And then combining the theory of supply chain management theory,theory of lean production,continuous improvement,field interview method,case method,integrated application of research methods such as literature review method,the demand for FC company plan,purchasing process,warehousing logistics,in-depth studies on the final design of FC company supply chain improvement scheme and application to improve practice.The results show that:(1)FC company's supply chain management supply chain demand slow speed of feedback,procurement manual work of high operating costs,warehousing logistics three aspects.(2)the main cause of these problems include: the supply chain demand slow feedback transmission mechanism caused by unreasonable demand.Sophisticated products and sourcing for handling data more complex supply chain process.Supplier and the manufacturer's market position does not match the VMI mode caused by weak suppliers are reluctant to go,quarterly price is difficult,strong suppliers adhere to the CMI mode,waste of resources.(3)in view of the complex supply chain transmission speed is slow,the product demand and the supply chain process is complex,the market status of supplier and the manufacturer does not match the three problems,the author adopts the following improvement measures,scientific selection strategy cooperative suppliers,development of supply chain integration system and automation system,pushing JMI warehouse management mode instead of the CMI and VMI management style.Through the application of the above scheme,FC company's supply chain management performance achieved significant effect.This study can be used as FC within the company to improve the practice of reference,also for other domestic electronics manufacturing supply chain to improve reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply chain, Integrated supply chain, Supplier management platform, Automation
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