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Research On Financing Support Policies For Small And Micro Enterprises In Qingdao

Posted on:2021-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330611994282Subject:Public administration
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As one of the important subjects of the socialist market economy,small and micro enterprises are widely distributed in various industries and play a pivotal role in attracting employment,increasing tax revenue,promoting the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure,and stimulating mass entrepreneurship and innovation.However,affected by the limitation of its own size,the development path of small and micro enterprises is full of thorns,especially the problem of insufficient funds supply has long plagued the healthy development of small and micro enterprises.From a global perspective,the problems of difficult financing and expensive financing have long been a common problem in the development of small and micro enterprises in various countries.If they are allowed to develop,small and micro enterprises will fall into the predicament of being eliminated by the market prematurely,so the government needs to provide necessary support and guidance.In recent years,the existence of small and micro enterprises in China has attracted widespread attention from governments at all levels.The Qingdao government has also actively responded to the national call to introduce a series of policies and measures,such as the establishment of special support funds,reduction of loan interest rates,improvement of public services,and improvement of the guarantee system.Although the shortage of funds has eased,the problems of financing difficulties and expensive financing for small and micro enterprises have not been fundamentally resolved.This thesis starts with the relationship between the development of small and micro enterprises and government support.It comprehensively uses research methods such as literature research,questionnaire survey,comparative analysis,and statistical analysis.This paper combines the relevant theories of small and micro enterprise development,analyzes the current market and credit financial environment in my country,and then explains the need for the government to support the financing of small and micro enterprises.Based on a questionnaire survey,this paper analyzes the financing status of small and micro enterprises in Qingdao and the government support policies,and analyzes in detail the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises,such as high credit interest rates,low credit product application rates,and serious "discrimination" by banks.To solve the problems of low policy publicity,lacking of system supervision,and low government attention and support during the implementation of the policies,the thesis summarizes the successful experience of the financing support policies for small and micro enterprises in developed countries and advanced regions of my country,and then puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for improving the financing support policies,from the perspective of improving the guarantee system,broadening financing channels,building a judicial system,and increasing support,for small and micro enterprises in Qingdao.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qingdao, Small and micro enterprises, Financing, Supporting policies
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