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Paper And Ink Came Into Being ——On The Relationship Between Painting Paper And Literati Painting In Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2022-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2505306767479264Subject:Fine Arts, Calligraphy, Sculpture and Photography
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The creation of paper can be traced back to the Han Dynasty,but this period of paper is very rough.After the development of technology and rich materials in the Wei and Jin dynasties,to the Sui,Tang and Five Dynasties,there was a special paper for painting and calligraphy--"Chengxintang paper".During the Song and Yuan dynasties,the trend of thought of literati painting flourished,and literati freehand brushwork developed unprecedeningly.Paper making in China was quite mature until the Ming Dynasty,when the traditional paper for calligraphy and painting was basically finalized,and "Xuande Paper" appeared during the Reign of Ming Xuande.With the extensive application and popularity of rice paper,painters and calligrapher have a more detailed understanding of the "paper nature" in the process of creation,and pay more attention to the choice of paper.Painting on paper shows absolute advantages compared with silk and other materials.To sum up,the appearance and wide use of painting and calligraphy paper not only enrich the expression techniques of traditional pen and ink,but also promote the expression of the charm of pen and ink;And with the development of literati painting has a vital connection.Literati painting creation,the pursuit of ink language,will objectively put forward higher requirements for paper.In addition,shengxuan has strong water absorption and permeability and good ink dampness,which can well represent the subtle ink color changes of ink painting and achieve the effect of dense,moist and beautiful picture.Therefore,it can be said that the emergence and development of xuan paper is in line with the development and change of literati painting in the Ming and Qing dynasties.The change of painting materials in a period inevitably affects its painting style and ideological trend to a certain extent.The change of painting style and the rise of painting trend of thought have a profound impact on the development and progress of painting materials.Therefore,the perfection of paper making in the Ming Dynasty,especially the improvement of the production level of rice paper,not only promoted the development of calligraphy and painting art,but also was influenced by the trend of literati painting.This topic is based on such a background to carry out research,focusing on the Ming Dynasty,the period of paper making,but also the period of unprecedented prosperity of literati painting,to discuss the relationship between the Ming Dynasty painting paper and the Ming Dynasty literati painting.
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