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Study On Ruling Communist Party Of China By Morality In The New Period

Posted on:2019-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee,China entered a new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization,and party building ushered in a new situation.Since the 18 th national congress of the communist party of China,the CPC central committee with president Xi Jinping as the core has put forward a great vision of "four comprehensive" strategic layouts,and put forward a higher standard and higher requirements for the construction of the party.As the CPC has enforced the strict Party discipline,China constantly strengthens the construction of the party's legal system from the four aspects of theory,education,regulation and implementation.Basically sets up the internal legal system for the construction of a clean government,and draws the moral baseline of party members and party leading cadres.The overwhelming momentum of anti-corruption in our country has been formed and continuously solidified,the intra-party legal system is being improved day by day.The consciousness of abiding by the rules and discipline of the party members has been strengthened constantly.With the deepening and developing in governing the party by law,ruling the party by morality will become an inevitable choice for our party to further promote its construction.The thought of ruling by virtue had a long history in China and run through the history of governance in all dynasties of China.It not only had an important influence on the political practice at that time,but still plays an important role today.Its strong vitality stems from its scientific nature,rationality.Ruling the party by morality is to integrate the thought of governing by virtue into the great project of party construction.It is the inheritance and development of our party in ideological construction,it not only has the strong theory support,but also the foreign ruling party construction experience and the lesson.It has fundamental and long-term significance for the construction of the communist party of China to actively promote the implementation of ruling the party by morality.Due to reasons such as morality itself is not easy to be quantified,and yet,at present,the moral level of the party and the ideology of the ideals,and the lack of effective expression,the lack of the proper knowledge of ruling the party by morality,all these factors affect the promotion and implementation of ruling the party by morality.We should cultivate the environment and soil for ruling the party by morality and gradually develop its construction by improving the moral literacy of party members,giving moral construction to the party organizations,perfecting the guidance scheme of inner-party moral construction and carrying out effective cultural propaganda to strengthen socialist ethical construction.In this way,we can truly transform discipline and morality into two important methods of strictly governing the party,comprehensively improve the great project of party construction,to boost the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream to come true as soon as possible.
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