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Theoretical Connotation And Practical Significance Of The Social Rule Of Virtue

Posted on:2005-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The socialist rule of virtue, which has been advanced based on gaining profoundly the lessons from and experiences in the international communist movement to solve some new problems emerged in the process of our country's reform and opening up and modernization drive, is of actual necessity and of strong pertinence. Theoretically speaking, the socialist rule of virtue uses Chinese and foreign traditional rule of virtue for reference, but is essentially different from the traditional rule of virtue with feudalistic main-stays and constant virtues as their content. Its content includes socialist moral principle and norms, materialist world view, personal philosophy of serving the people, collectivistic value and modern ethical concept of value such as social justice, democracy and rule of law. In practice, to rule the country by socialist virtue is: firstly, to persist in socialist fundamental political system and maintain ethical reasonableness of political power; secondly, to build administrative ethics and improve administrational moral level; finally, to carry out the construction of civic morality so as to lay a social foundation of the rule of virtue. The important function and significance of the socialist rule of virtue consists in: (1) it is an important aspect of new mode of ruling country with both law and virtue as coadjutant means, reflecting that the Party's general plan for administering the country has been improved; (2) it will bring morality into play to adjust interest relationships, appease social mood, and stick up for social justice and stabilization; (3) it will improve cadres' and crowd's political morality level, promote the development of socialist political civilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:the socialist rule of virtue, the important thought of Three Represents, the rule of law, administrative ethics, political morality
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