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On The Rule Of Virtue

Posted on:2003-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The talks on governing our country by rule of virtue and rule by law which president Jiang ze ming addressed to the ministers of information department in 2001 set off a great discuss. In this dissertation, the author tried to demonstrate how to govern our country through rule of virtue especially in this new situation .In order to explain the importance of rule of virtue in governing a country. The first, I started with analysing the history origin of traditional rule of virtue and looking into the frame of theory, basic content and it's influence and enlightenment to modern rule of virtue. What's more, I elaborated my views of the difference between traditional and modem rule of virtue .The modern rule of virtue is a kind of perfect ruling and a general plan of ruling a country .therefore, it will never lead to rule by man .The second I explain the relationship between rule of virtue and rule by law which is in socialist market economic situation .Nowadays ,in our country ,rule by law is as important as rule of virtue .They depend on each other and what's more both of them act as same important rules in governing our country .If there is no rule of virtue ,rule by law will never be effective ,by the way rule by law is the guarantee of rule of virtue .Finally, I explicate how to set up a new ethics order. In the demesne of politics, in order to achieve morale quality, we should construct a new institution of officer virtue. In the demesne of economy , we should set up a new economic ethics system. In the demesne of society, we should reinforce building of civic virtue.
Keywords/Search Tags:moral, law, govern, economy, public morality, rule of by law, rule by virtue
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