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A Study On The Centennial Historical Evolution And Experience Enlightenment Of The Communist Party Of China's Concept Of Modernization

Posted on:2022-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306608993379Subject:China Politics and International Politics
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The difficult pace of China's modernization is a passive choice to deal with foreign aggression.The Communist Party of China has scientifically responded to and solved this dilemma.In this historical process,the CPC's understanding of modernization is also deepening.The modernization view of the Communist Party of China has been formed and matured in practice.The theoretical sources of the CPC's concept of modernization include the theoretical exploration of Marx and Engels,the ruling theory of the Soviet Communists represented by Lenin and Stalin,the excellent achievements of western modernization theory and the important thought of the revolutionary pioneer represented by Sun Yat-Sen on China's modernization.Its formation indicates that the Communist Party of China has successfully surpassed all previous modernization theories and led the trend of world modernization under the new historical conditions.It is a concrete portrayal of the application of Marxist modernization theory in China,a theoretical generalization of the socialist modernization road with Chinese characteristics rich in Chinese cultural factors and characteristics of the times,and also an ideological guidance and action guidance for realizing the goal of building a powerful socialist modern country in an all-round way.On the whole,the Centennial evolution of the CPC's concept of modernization can be divided into four historical periods,mainly in the modernization understanding of early Chinese Communists such as Li Da-zhao and Chen Du-xiu,as well as the leading collectives of previous CPC Central Committees.The modernization view of the Communist Party of China has its own unique evolution logic.Since modern times,the invasion of western capitalism has caused the social nature of China's semi colonial and semi feudal society.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out the proletarian revolution to clear the obstacles for China's modernization.The founding of new China marks the establishment of the way of socialist modernization in China.This also means the first profound change in the concept of modernization.The creation of socialism with Chinese characteristics marks that China develops and discards all existing modernization models.This also means the second profound change in the concept of modernization.In the historical process of the Sinicization of Marxism,the modernization view of the Communist Party of China has been generated,which embodies the unity of historical logic,theoretical logic and practical logic,adds five connotations to China's modernization,and realizes the criticism and Transcendence of all previous modernization views.Over the past century,the evolution history of the CPC's concept of modernization has important enlightenment significance.Specifically,it includes establishing a scientific outlook on modernization and daring to fight against all kinds of non scientific modernization trends;Pay attention to the transformation of the era context of the concept of modernization,pay attention to theoretical innovation,and strengthen the "Four Selfconfidence";The concept of modernization should focus on "two combinations" and adhere to the people-centered development thought.The modernization view of the Communist Party of China summarizes the historical inevitability and development regularity of China's modernization in multiple dimensions,broadens the understanding of modernization,and has important world significance.
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