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Research On Tne Construction Of Fier Rescue Team In The H City

Posted on:2022-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Sixth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party in2021 pointed out that the party focuses on the country's long-term stability,the people live and work in peace,build a higher level of safe China,improve the social governance system,strengthen disaster prevention,mitigation and relief,and work safety,and strengthen the national emergency management system and Skill building.As an important functional department of the government,the fire rescue team undertakes major disaster prevention and relief tasks such as fire prevention and control and emergency rescue,and is an important component of building a safe China.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Party Central Committee to deepen institutional reforms,the fire brigade was transferred from reform in 2018,and the organizational system was transferred to the Ministry of Emergency Management,becoming the "main force" of the country's emergency rescue.The formation of a comprehensive national fire rescue team is a major reform decision made by the Party Central Committee focusing on the great cause of national rejuvenation,based on my country's basic national conditions,and conforming to the national governance system and modernization of governance capabilities.It is the Chinese wisdom and Chinese plan for the world's emergency management system.At present,the fire rescue business is in a critical stage of transformation and upgrading and opening up a new bureau.With the continuous development and progress of society,fire rescue work in the new era is also facing many new problems and challenges.Further strengthening the construction of fire rescue teams,establishing a team that the party and the people can trust,and carrying out the mission and tasks entrusted by the new era are of great practical significance for maintaining the country's long-term stability and ensuring that the people live and work in peace and contentment.As an important part of the national comprehensive fire rescue team,the fire rescue team in H City has lasted for three years.From the Third Plenary Session of the 19 th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,it has achieved a smooth transition,performed its duties loyally and fulfilled its responsibilities,and successfully completed it.Various urgent and dangerous fire fighting and rescue missions.However,there are still many shortcomings and shortcomings in comparison with the development positioning of the "main force" and "national team" of emergency rescue and the situation and tasks of "all disasters" and "big emergency".This paper sorts out the literature on fire rescue team construction at home and abroad,uses literature research,comparative analysis,survey interviews and other methods to understand and grasp the research results related to fire rescue team construction,combined with the actual work,combs and summarizes the fire rescue of City H The current situation of team building,from the five aspects of ideological and political education,management system,system construction,professional skill level,and professional treatment guarantee,to find and summarize the main problems and shortcomings of team building,analyze the reasons in depth,put forward reasonable and feasible countermeasures and suggestions,and promote H City The construction of the fire and rescue team has reached a new level,comprehensively improve the ability of disaster prevention and reduction,and fire fighting and rescue,so as to provide a solid guarantee for the stable development of society and the people's live and work in peace and contentment.
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