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Liaoning University Students' Physical Exercise Behavior And Its Influencing Mechanism Under The Theory Of Planned Behavior

Posted on:2022-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,China is in an important stage of transition from a large sports country to a strong sports country.As an important group in the development of China's society,the physical exercise and physical health of university students have also received the attention of the Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Sports.In order to solve the problem of insufficient physical exercise and declining physical health of college students,this paper combines the theory of planned behaviour to find out the factors affecting college students' participation in physical exercise,analyse the influence mechanism between each factor and put forward rational suggestions.It is of great significance to promote university students' participation in physical exercise and improve their physical quality development by actively and positively guiding them to improve their unhealthy lifestyles and establish the awareness of "lifelong sports".This study is supported by the theory of planned behaviour and uses literature,questionnaires and mathematical statistics to investigate the intensity,duration,attitude and behaviour intentions of college students in Liaoning Province in relation to their participation in physical exercise,and uses SPSS25.0 to conduct non-parametric tests,correlation analysis,regression analysis and mediation The study was conducted using SPSS25.0 to examine the relationship between the current situation of university students' participation in physical exercise and the factors influencing it.Research shows:1.There were significant differences between the physical exercise intensity,exercise time,exercise frequency,exercise volume and all dimensions under the theory of planned behaviour among college students in Liaoning province by gender.2.There was a significant positive correlation between the three dimensions of attitude towards exercise,subjective norm,perceptual behaviour control and behaviour intention under the Theory of Planned Behaviour,and a significant positive correlation between behaviour intention and physical exercise.3.Under the theory of planned behaviour,behaviour intention mediates the effect of attitude towards exercise and subjective norms on physical activity;behaviour intention does not mediate the effect of perceptual behaviour control on physical activity,but perceptual behaviour control can directly influence physical activity.4.Behaviour intention plays a partially mediating role in the influence of the factors of the Theory of Planned Behaviour on physical exercise.It is suggested that there should be multi-channel and various forms of propaganda for physical exercise to strengthen university students' understanding of physical exercise;students should be encouraged to participate in physical exercise in pairs to promote and supervise each other;the school should create a good environment for physical exercise and often organ small competitive competitions and fun games of various items to make more students feel the fun of physical exercise and participate in it.
Keywords/Search Tags:College students, Physical exercise, the Theory of Planned Behavior, Behavioral intention
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