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An Empirical Study On The Effect Of Flipped Classroom Teaching On College Students' Physical Education Autonomous Learning Ability

Posted on:2021-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a front-line teacher,it is our responsibility and obligation to promote the reform of the education system.In the era of developed network information,the combination of education and information technology is inevitable.Through the literature analysis,it is found that the general scholars have a deep research on the teaching effect of the flipped classroom of college physical education,but there is a gap in the cultivation of students' self-learning ability of physical education.In order to enable students to enter the society with good adaptive development and cultivate students' life-long physical education consciousness.In this paper,how to effectively combine the traditional classroom with the network teaching,the effect of flipped classroom on students'autonomous learning ability in physical education classroom is tested.In this experiment,the freshmen of Xi'an University of Posts and telecommunications were selected as the experimental objects,and 106 students(all men)were selected from two classes of Public Sports Wushu Optional Class of Xi'an University of Posts and telecommunications.Through the 18 week sports flipped classroom teaching experiment,the influence of flipped classroom teaching on College students' Sports autonomous learning ability was discussed.By using the methods of literature,questionnaire,experiment,interview and mathematical statistics,this paper analyzes the influence of traditional teaching mode and flipped classroom teaching mode on College Students' sports learning motivation and autonomous learning ability.The data were collected and collated,and the experimental results were processed and verified by independent sample and paired sample t-test,and Pearson analysisConclusion:(1)There was a significant difference between the two groups in the level of total P.E.self-learning ability test(P=0.000<0.05),which indicated that flipped classroom teaching could improve students' overall P.E.self-learning ability more than traditional teaching mode.(2)Before and after the test,there were significant differences in the ability of self-regulated learning in the experimental group:P was.007,.031,.002 and.000 respectively,which indicated that the students in the experimental class had significant improvement in self-regulated learning(motivation,process,result and environment).(3)In the control group,the p-value of the sub item difference t-test of self-regulated learning ability of physical education was 0.038,0.964,0.114 and 0.195,respectively.Except in the level of learning motivation,P value is less than 0.05;there is significant difference,the other p values are greater than 0.05.There is no significant difference.After the experiment,there were significant differences between the two groups at the level of learning motivation(P=0.021<0.05),indicating that there were significant differences between traditional and flipped teaching in improving students'learning motivation.But flipped classroom is more obvious than traditional classroom in improving learning motivation.(4)After the experiment,the p-value of the t-test results of the experimental group and the control group is 0.001,0.006,0.002 and 0.008,respectively,which are less than 0.05.It shows that the flipped classroom teaching mode is more significant than the traditional teaching mode in improving the level of students' autonomous learning in Physical Education(motivation,process,result and environment).(5)After the experiment,the results of t-test of the overall score level of physical self-efficacy between the experimental group and the control group were:P=0.42 before and after the experiment in the control group;P=0.00 before and after the experiment in the experimental group;P=0.00 between the experimental group and the control group;P=0.007 in the correlation analysis of students' physical self-efficacy and sports autonomous learning.The results show that the experimental group's self-learning ability of physical education is significantly improved,while the physical self-efficacy is also significantly improved,and the two are highly correlated;both of them verify that the flipped classroom teaching has a significant improvement on College Students' self-learning ability of physical education.(6)The results of the predictive analysis of the level of students' physical self-efficacy on the ability of self-learning in physical education show that the level of physical self-efficacy is significantly related to the ability of self-learning in physical education at the level of 0.007<0.01,and the correlation coefficient is 0.961,indicating that there is a positive correlation between special performance and the ability of self-learning in physical education.At the same time,there is a positive correlation between the students' special performance and the ability of autonomous learning.That is to say,the ability of self-study in sports will be improved,so will the performance of special sports.(7)Through the investigation of students' learning,in the process of experiment,the key links of flipped classroom are the high-quality processing of teaching resources,students' psychology,interesting classroom,the guidance of desire and good teacher-student relationship.Recommendation:(1)At any time,we can't break away from the root of the traditional classroom.On the basis of combining the traditional teaching,we should learn from each other's strengths.We should ensure that students have something to learn after class,and have teachers' real-time supervision and guidance.We should mobilize students' independent learning.In addition,teachers should make more attempts and innovations in the teaching of physical education to stimulate students' enthusiasm to participate in physical exercise.(2)Because of the particularity of Taijiquan,teachers can use the developed network resources as much as possible;reduce the workload;because 3D network video analysis of Taijiquan is more intuitive,clear and comprehensive.And it is not interfered by the external environment.However,students prefer to see teachers record and produce in person,which requires a strong combination of information technology and sports as support.(3)It is suggested that when selecting information carriers,the operation should be as simple and effective as possible,which can be a combination of different platforms.
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