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Research On The Influence Of Teacher-student Interaction On College Students' Online Learning Satisfaction

Posted on:2022-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306482451514Subject:Education Technology
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As the product of "Network + education",It provides opportunities for the change and renovation of educational forms.Inspired and supported by national strategies,colleges and universities in China have successively built online courses tailored to campus conditions.As the subject of online learning evaluation changes all the time,"student-centered" comments like student satisfaction,it is changing into a key point for measuring the quality of online courses.It is because of online courses that teachers and students are separated by time and distancelearners,like to feel lonely in their much so that it affects the online learning experience and learning outcomes.Explanation of published articles,communication between teachers and students has positive significance to students' satisfaction,however,there is still a lack of in-depth discussion on the aspects of teacher-student interaction and how it should affect student satisfaction.So,This study aims to systematically discuss the influence mechanism of teacher-student interaction on learner satisfaction of online courses,to provide a more concrete and feasible way to improve the satisfaction of online course students.Based on the systematic analysis of the conceptual framework of teacher-student interaction and the S-O-R model as the research framework,Set up a model of factors influencing student satisfaction through teacher-student interaction in online courses.Using the method of questionnaire survey,the students of the online course ?Modern Educational Technology? in Shenyang Normal University were as a subject of study.Data analysis systems such as SPSS analyze and sort out the questionnaire data,used to test the theoretical model established in this study.The results of this study illustrate:This paper consists of six parts.The first chapter,given the context of this study and its implications,determine the research objectives and content,and at the same time choose the appropriate research methods,constitute the research structure and technical route of this article.The second chapter focuses on defining the core definition of this article,and at the same time summarizes and sorts out the relevant papers on teacher-student interaction and student satisfaction in online courses.The third chapter creates a model of the influence of teacher-student interaction on student satisfaction in online course,and then puts forward some relevant assumptions.Based on this foundation,this paper made a questionnaire.The fourth chapter explains and analyzes the data of the questionnaire,conducts the actual measurement of the theoretical model.The fifth chapter further makes a judgment and explanation to the research results of this article,research shows that interaction content,interaction tools,interaction motivation,interaction frequency,and interaction time all have a significant positive impact on student learning satisfaction,the moderating effect of gender and subject on learner satisfaction has not been confirmed,and make the corresponding strategy to this.The sixth chapter is a summary of the whole paper,and points out the shortcomings of the paper and the direction of future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:online courses, teacher-student interaction, student satisfaction with learning, Influencing factors
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