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Research On Satisfaction Of Vocational College Students' Online Learning Environment

Posted on:2021-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2507306497950739Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Online learning has quickly become a new learning method generally accepted by the whole people due to its advantages in spanning time and space.At the beginning of 2020,during a sudden new crown epidemic,online learning was pushed to the front of the people of the country.Under the situation of "suspended classes and non-stopped schools" throughout the country,online learning temporarily replaced offline learning.Can the online learning environment meet the learning needs of online learners? How satisfied are learners with the online learning environment?Issues such as these that directly affect the effect of online learning have become a hot spot in the current education research field,especially in the field of online education research.This research takes "Satisfaction of Higher Vocational Students Online Learning Environment" as the research object,and takes constructivist learning environment and customer satisfaction as the theoretical basis.Through theoretical modeling,field investigation and structural equation modeling,it explores the influence of higher vocational students Factors and specific paths of online learning environment satisfaction.First,comprehensively sort out the current domestic and foreign research literature on online learning environment and satisfaction,clarify the research status,analyze the influencing factors of the online learning environment satisfaction of higher vocational students,and based on the theory of constructivist learning environment and customer satisfaction Construct a satisfaction model of the online learning environment for vocational students.Secondly,prepare a questionnaire on the satisfaction of online learning environment for higher vocational students,modify it after asking the opinions of tutors and experts,test the questionnaire,and release it formally after the reliability and validity are reasonable and revised.The collected data is verified by data analysis software SPSS and AMOS.The research found that: 1.The elements of the online learning environment for vocational students are divided into 3 first-level dimensions and 9 second-level dimensions.2.The satisfaction model of online learning environment for vocational students is obtained.3.Student expectations,environmental perception and perceived value will significantly affect student satisfaction.On the basis of the research,relevant suggestions are put forward to improve the satisfaction of the online learning environment of higher vocational students in terms of environment,ability and experience.
Keywords/Search Tags:online learning environment, student satisfaction, influencing factors, influencing paths
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