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Study On Teacher-student Interaction Questioning In The Mathematics Effective Classroom Of Middle School

Posted on:2013-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371492133Subject:Subject teaching
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Effective teaching is one of the hot topics of research in teaching the basic curriculum reform and quality education background. Questioning in classroom is one of the strategies for effective teaching."Effective classroom Questioning" is a key part of effective teaching. Effective mathematics classroom questioning is the process of interaction between teachers and students exchanges, the question and answer in effective classroom should constantly change, it is necessary to improve teacher’s question-student answer-teacher evaluation-the traditional IRE pattern. In this mode, questioning becomes the power of the teacher, students is in the state of passive questioning and answering with little or no power of question, so the loss of student subjectivity gives rise to psychological dependence, at the same time, problem awareness and the power of questioning will gradually subsided, which hinders the development of thinking and social development.The paper explores the concept, the influencing factors and strategies of teacher-student interaction questioning, using questionnaires, observation, interview to study aiming the single model for effective mathematics classroom questioning on the theory and the basis of the results of many scholars. Firstly, the paper assumes that the factors that affect teacher-student interaction questioning based on the social basis of the philosophical, basis of the literature, basis of the psychology and the combination of teaching practice,, including the three factors of teachers, students, classroom teaching and learning environment. Secondly, the paper prepares questionnaires and teacher interviews, record and analyze the survey results and interviews. The survey shows that these three aspects of effective mathematics classroom teacher-student interaction in question is influential. Finally, the sixth part of the paper study the strategy of teacher-student interaction questioning according to the survey results. For teachers, from teachers to encourage students to ask questions, teacher questions of art, teacher feedback analysis; for students to explore how to cultivate the students’ interests and personality traits to enhance teacher-student interaction questions; for classroom teaching and learning environment, create a positive classroom psychological atmosphere, strengthening collaborative teaching and cooperative learning to study the teacher-student interaction questioning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher-student interaction Questioning, Contact, Dialogue, The influencing factors, Strategies
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