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A Study On The Professional Development Of Rural Primary School Teachers In The Areas With Special Poverty In A Series Of Special Ethnic Areas ——Based On The Investigation Of S Town,Donglan County,Guangxi

Posted on:2022-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306488473074Subject:Education Management
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This paper takes the rural primary school teachers in S town of Donglan County as the research object,carries out the research on the professional development of rural primary school teachers in contiguous destitute ethnic areas,improves the professional quality of rural primary school teachers in contiguous destitute ethnic areas,and improves the teaching quality of schools.This study uses the methods of literature,interview and questionnaire survey to investigate the rural primary school teachers in contiguous destitute ethnic areas.With the continuous improvement of China's rural primary school teachers' security mechanism in Western China,the construction of teachers' team has achieved certain results.The treatment of rural primary school teachers has been continuously improved,the hardware facilities have been improved,the directional normal students have been provided with a stable source of teachers,and the professional title has been evaluated to rural primary school teachers Teachers are inclined.But the problems are also prominent,mainly in the weak professional knowledge of teachers,teachers' professional emotion is low,teachers' professional ability is not strong and so on.The main reasons for the problems are the lack of teachers' professional learning atmosphere,the imperfect school management,the lack of funds for rural teachers,the lack of local teacher training,the deviation of teachers' understanding of professional growth,the "Involution" of teachers' work,and the family problems of rural teachers.On this basis,it is proposed that the school should strengthen the management and evaluation ability of school leaders,develop local ethnic characteristic courses based on local conditions,create a good humanistic environment,all teachers should learn from excellent teachers,reduce non-teaching tasks,administrative departments should enhance the stability of teachers,improve the training system,increase training investment,encourage rural teachers to "go out and see",etc.,and teachers should establish a strong sense of responsibility Life long learning concept,scientific career planning and other suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:contiguous destitute areas, primary school, Teachers' Professional Development
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