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Research On The Influence Of Idolatry On The Values Of High School Students

Posted on:2022-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Idolatry is a process in which people appreciate and accept another person's external image,value orientation,and behavior in terms of cognition and emotion,and worship and imitate it.As a common phenomenon in high school,idolatry is both social and social The product of the times is also the product of emotional culture and values.With the vigorous development of the new economy and the increasing exchange of diverse ideas,idols have more and more direct influence on the formation and development of high school students' values in their unique ways.Active and reasonable idolatry has a positive value guide to the formation of high school students' values.Students can learn good qualities from idols,and it also has a certain role in promoting the overall development of the individual.On the contrary,blind and excessive idolatry will give high school students.Mental health and value shaping have a negative impact.However,high school students are eager to be independent but lack social experience.They are eager to grow quickly but cannot get rid of the protection of their parents.They are in an unstable period of rapid mental development.Their worldview,outlook on life,and values have not yet been fully formed.They are in the process of idol worship.In terms of the type,degree,or characteristics of idolatry,the existence of uncertainty in any aspect will affect high school students' choice of value goals,value judgments,and value choices,and ultimately affect the establishment of their scientific and correct values.In view of the above situation,this article believes that the research on "Idol Worship's Influence on the Values of High School Students" is helpful to systematically understand the status quo of contemporary high school students' idol worship,so as to explore the mechanism and main reasons of this phenomenon in more depth,which is effective The proposed measures provide strong theoretical basis and empirical support.Therefore,this research has very important practical significance.At the same time,it is also an important subject for the development of ideological and political education in senior middle schools in our country.This article takes the influence of idolatry on the values of high school students as the research theme,based on the relevant theories of "idolatry" and "values of high school students" and based on the mechanism of idolatry influencing the values of high school students.High school students in many places conduct in-depth investigations and understand the status quo of contemporary high school students' idol worship,the positive and negative influences on their values,and the actions of schools,families,and the media on this phenomenon,and finally settle down in a targeted way to build high school students' idol views Effective measures and promotion paths for value education.This article is divided into the following five parts:Chapter One Introduction.This chapter explains the issues raised,sorts out related literature reviews,and innovates research methods and ideas based on the existing research results,and explains the significance and innovation of the research.Chapter Two is the theoretical analysis of idol worship and high school students' values.The first section is a related theoretical analysis of "idol worship",including conceptual definition and type analysis of "idol",and then summarizes the connotation and characteristics of "idol worship";the second section is about "high school students' values" Related theoretical analysis,including analyzing the formation process and development characteristics of high school students' values,and then clarifying the prominent position of high school students' values in the "three outlooks" system;the last section explores the internal connection between idol worship and high school students' values,and found two There is a two-way relationship that influences each other.On the one hand,idolatry breeds new value construction for high school students;on the other hand,the values of high school students project the tendency of idolatry.Chapter Three is about the influence mechanism of idolatry on the values of high school students.First,it analyzes the internal mechanism of idolatry acting on the values of high school students because idolatry conforms to the phased characteristics of the physical and mental development of high school students: "spiritual attachment" acts on mental health,"psychological identity" acts on self-awareness,and "emotional projection" Acts on selfefficacy.Then it analyzes the external mechanism of idolatry acting on the values of high school students because idolatry caters to the value shock of the social transition period:idolatry subjectivity reflects "utilitarian psychology",idolatry diversifies to show "multiple values",idolatry is individualized "Ideal Self".Finally,it analyzes the catalytic mechanism of idolatry on the values of high school students because the media communication mechanism strengthens the idolatry behavior of high school students: media rendering,creating beautiful illusions,excessive packaging,hiding the true nature,emphasizing the senses,and ignoring moral qualities.Chapter Four analyzes the status quo of the influence of idolatry on the values of high school students.Taking high school students in Guangzhou,Jiangmen,Heyuan and other places as the survey subjects,through the distribution of questionnaires,statistics and in-depth interviews,we learned about the status quo of idolatry of high school students and the positive and negative impacts on their values,and conducted a review of the negative impact Cause Analysis.Chapter Five talks about idolatry leads the way to improve the values of high school students.This chapter will propose strong and effective measures based on the facts and attributions analyzed in the previous chapter.First,give play to the leading role of the school:take ideological and political education as an opportunity to establish the correct idol view of high school students,and use the construction of campus culture as a means to activate example education in daily life;then,attach importance to the guiding role of the family:patiently guide and pay attention Children's moral quality and mental health education,lead by example,strengthen their children's emotional identity and family model concepts;finally,create a healthy and progressive social atmosphere: play the positive role of the mass media in guiding public opinion,and lead social thoughts with socialist core values.
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