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The Strategys Of The Red Study Tour Oriented To The Cultivation Of Core Competences

Posted on:2022-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306491968059Subject:Education Management
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Since 2013,a number of policies and measures are introduced successively in China,which has ushered in explosive growth in study tour.As a comprehensive practice activity that can cultivate students' love for the Party and the country,the Red Study Tour plays an important role in improving students' Core Competence and promoting the overall development of students.Therefore,the development of the Red Study Tour has attracted much attention.Based on a comprehensive literature review,this study sorts out the origins,developments and characteristics of the Red Study Tour in China,in Guangdong Province and in G school.After questionnaires,surveys and interviews with teachers,students and parents participating in the the Red Study Tour named “Following the Footsteps of the Heroes”,this study aims to learn about its current situation and figure out the existing problems and corresponding causes by employing the method of empirical research on the relationship between the Red Study Tour and Core Competence.Primarily relying on the questionnaire survey,which contributes to learning about the status quo and further analysis of the relationship between the cultivation of Core Competence and the conducting of the Red Study Tour and students' experience and feelings,supplemented by interviews with which an in-depth understanding of the practice of the Red Study Tour,the author comes to the conclusion as follows:(1)The Red Study Tour of great significance for cultivating students' Core Competence.Students with high Core Competence will have stronger Core Competence and gain more after the activity.(2)There are still problems in the practice of the Red Study Tour,such as the lack of integration of Red Political factors and study,emphasis on the form of the activity rather than the cultivation of Core Competence,and the lack of scientific evaluation mechanism.Such problems can be attributed to three aspects: social factors,family factors and school factors.Based on the findings of the research,this study puts forward six suggestions on how to conduct Red Study Tour effectively:(1)To refine the theme of Red Political factors;(2)To design courses aiming at the cultivation of Core Competence elaborately;(3)To integrate local Red Political resources;(4)To establish a comprehensive evaluation mechanism for subject integration;(5)More support from the government and deeper engagement of the parents;(6)To strengthen the training of instructors for the Red Study Tour.
Keywords/Search Tags:Core Competence, the Red Study Tour, Following the Footsteps of the Heroes
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