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A Study On The Current Situation Of Students' Mobile Phone Dependence And Management Strategies In Senior High School

Posted on:2022-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491968129Subject:Education Management
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With the rapid development of mobile internet,smart phones are becoming necessary for people's life.It is a common phenomenon that senior high school students are seen using their smart phones wherever they go.Smart phones with numerous functions bring much convenience to their study and life.But many of them spend a large quantity of time in surfing the internet with their cellphones,such as chatting,shopping,playing games and so on.They have reached a situation where they rely on their cellphones too much.Because of the high school students' over dependence on smart phones,most of the schools in our country have made regulations that students are forbidden to take smart phones to school.These schools carry them out strictly,and so does Shaoguan R Senior High School in Guangdong province,where the author is working.This method does make a difference,but it causes students' negative mentality.Meanwhile,it is out of step with the times.Therefore,how to lead the students to use smart phones properly and prevent them from overly relying on them is a new issue that schools are facing.This research mainly use literature research method,questionnaire method and interviewing method.In Shaoguan R Senior High School,305 students are selected randomly to be studied.And several students are interviewed to prove the result of the questionnaire.Then the author interviews the vice-president and the director in charge of student management to know what measures they have taken to manage the students smart phones and what problems are existing.The following are the conclusions of the research:1.Among the 305 questionnaire respondents,there are 113 students depending on their smart phones.Compared with the students who use cellphones properly,they spend more time in using cellphones to chat with friends,watching videos or novels,playing games or shopping online.They will feel uncomfortable when they don't use their cellphones for a while.2.Using smart phones properly have positive effect on students,including referring to something related to study,strengthening the communication with their friends or relatives and so on.However,over-reliance on smart phones have negative influence on them physically and mentally,for example,it affects their outlook on life and values,eyesight,sleep,study,mental health and so on.3.High school students' dependence on smart phones is influenced by their family,school,society and students themselves.Disharmonious family atmosphere,lack of communication with their parents,great pressure on study,incomplete school management system,lack of learning motivation,seduce of mobile phones and the impact from their companions all can lead to their over-reliance on cellphones.
Keywords/Search Tags:senior high school students, dependence on smart phones, management strategy
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