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Research On The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of Developing Judo Characteristic Schools In Primary Schools In Guangdong Province

Posted on:2022-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491968699Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In order to enhance the physical health of young people,local governments are encouraged to carry out traditional characteristic projects,popularize campus judo,and form a school-based training mechanism for young people to promote the combination of sports and education.In this paper,the characteristics of primary school judo schools in Guangdong Province will be studied to provide a theoretical basis for the future development and promotion of judo in primary schools across the country.This paper makes a comprehensive survey on the development of judo characteristic schools in 10 primary schools in Guangdong Province.By using the methods of literature review,questionnaire survey,expert interview,field survey and mathematical statistics,this paper preliminarily summarizes the problems existing in judo characteristic schools in primary schools in Guangdong Province,and analyzes the main influencing factors of judo characteristic schools in primary schools in Guangdong Province,This paper puts forward strategies suitable for the development of primary school judo characteristic schools in Guangdong Province,so as to promote the comprehensive,coordinated and sustainable development of primary school judo characteristic schools in Guangdong Province,and provide reference for the development and promotion of primary school judo characteristic schools in the future.The conclusions are as follows(1)Most of the students and parents of judo characteristic schools in Guangdong Province express that they like judo very much,and the students have a high degree of participation.In terms of teachers,the proportion of men and women is balanced,there is no aging,but the confidence in teaching is poor.All 10 primary schools take part in judo competitions at or above the provincial level,and the types of competitions are gradually diversified.In terms of facilities,most of the schools can basically meet the needs of teaching,but there are still a small part of the school's basic site layout can not meet the development standards.In terms of curriculum development,primary school judo characteristic schools mainly focus on extracurricular activities and interest classes.All the schools surveyed have opened judo courses,which are difficult to complete the teaching task due to less time and more teaching content.(2)According to the factor analysis of the survey data,there are four factors that mainly affect the development of primary judo characteristic schools in Guangdong Province,including students' personal factors,curriculum teaching and equipment factors,teachers' factors and other factors.Students' personal factors include high motivation to participate in judo and high interest in judo.The teaching and equipment factors are mainly reflected in the lack of unified school-based curriculum guidance in classroom teaching,lack of scientific guidance in teaching means,content and attitude,etc.,and the equipment is mainly due to the problems that the venues and equipment can meet the needs of judo,poor sanitary conditions,etc.,so as to reduce the enthusiasm of students to participate.The main factor of teachers is that school leaders and physical education teachers pay more attention to the development of judo,and support students to participate in various judo events.Among the 10 schools surveyed,the national participation rate is 100%.The teaching time can ensure students' sports needs and skills learning.However,due to less class time arrangement,the front study is more sufficient,and the back is more urgent,It is easy to be unable to complete the teaching task.Other factors are mainly reflected in the main way for students to participate in judo is through their classmates and parents,lack of direct national policy guidance documents.(3)Combined with the current situation and the main influencing factors,the development strategies of primary school judo characteristic schools in Guangdong Province are as follows: Judo's own advantages and national policy support,improve the judo characteristic school selection system;Make use of the positive attitude of students' participation to enhance the publicity activities on campus;According to the requirements of curriculum standards,the teaching hours and contents should be allocated appropriately;The judo teaching content will be integrated into the primary school physical education teaching objectives to promote the rationalization of teaching;Pay attention to growing teachers and improve teaching attitude;Improve teachers' academic qualifications,improve teaching and scientific research ability;The construction of school-based curriculum,improve the unity of teaching materials;Control the amount of homework and promote students to participate in judo.
Keywords/Search Tags:judo characteristic school, Development status, Countermeasure research
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