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A Study On The Employment Effect Of The Development Of My Country's Modern Service Industry

Posted on:2021-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306494495484Subject:Applied Economics
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Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood,which is of great significance to the development and stability of China's economy and society.In the new stage of economic downturn and upgrading of industrial structure,the problem of employment has become increasingly prominent.With the development scale and speed of service industry in the three major industries,the rise of modern service industry has alleviated the employment contradiction in China to a certain extent,but the employment pressure in China is still large.On the whole,the development level of China's modern service industry is not high enough,the service industry structure needs to be optimized,and its ability to stimulate employment growth has not been fully exerted.Therefore,it is necessary to study the employment effect of China's modern service industry development,which can provide effective countermeasures and suggestions for China's current employment problems.This paper first defines the concept and classification of modern service industry,and clarifies the content of this paper.Secondly,it analyzes the development and employment status of modern service industry,and then analyzes the employment effect of modern service industry from three aspects of direct employment effect,indirect employment effect and employment potential on the basis of employment effect theory of modern service industry.The research proves that the overall employment absorption ability of modern service industry in China is strong,and the direct employment effect and indirect employment effect are more obvious The direct employment effect of modern service industry,internal leasing and business service industry,health and social work,financial industry and information transmission,software industry and information technology service industry have stronger direct employment effect,while indirect employment effect of health and social work,leasing and business service industry and scientific research and technology service industry is stronger than that of other industries The employment potential of information technology service industry,financial industry and real estate industry is great.Finally,this paper also makes an empirical analysis of the factors that affect the employment of modern service industry.The results show that the industry output level and urbanization development level have a significant positive impact on the employment of modern service industry,while the wage level,fixed asset investment and technological progress have a negative impact on the employment of modern service industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:modern service industry, direct employment effect, indirect employment effect, employment potential
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