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The Questionnaire Construction Of College Students Interpersonal Emotional Intelligence And Its Applied Research

Posted on:2012-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155330335475316Subject:Development and educational psychology
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Interpersonal emotional intelligence is an important part of emotional intelligence, the content is also of concern to most researchers, one aspect of its individual interpersonal, academic and career success, life satisfaction, which are significant. Students are in a need for communication, desire to understand, impulsive, lacking self-control psychological development period, the requirements of their interpersonal contrast more strongly, while its emotional fluctuations, changes in relationships of their learning, life and future development has a significant impact, so to enhance their interpersonal concerns and develop emotional intelligence, not only can promote them to better learning, living, but also to promote their physical and mental development and future career success. But the interpersonal emotional intelligence of college students still in the theoretical concepts of the research is unclear, the stage of empirical research is relatively weak, therefore, to discuss the structure and characteristics of their Interpersonal emotional intelligence, and conduct empirical research seems important and meaningful.This study firstly reviewed and summarized the research status of emotional intelligence and interpersonal emotional intelligence. Secondly, drawing on previous research, through interviews and survey methods, based on the three-dimensional structure in the theory of emotional intelligence compiled the questionnaire of college students'interpersonal emotional intelligence,some college students selected as subjects, before and after the test after four facilities, the use of factor analysis approach 46 questions by 6 dimensions of interpersonal emotional intelligence of college students formal questionnaire and through confirmatory factor analysis on the structure of interpersonal emotional intelligence for verification. And also use the formal questionnaire on interpersonal emotional intelligence to research the development of current situation in college students, Research results show that:1.Through the items analyzing and factor analyzing, we get the "college students' interpersonal emotional intelligence Questionnaire"of good reliability and validity, total questionnaire for alpha coefficients.867.2.Through the factor analysis verify their interpersonal emotional intelligence can be divided into six dimensions:perception and experience of your own or another's positive emotions, ability, perception and experience yourself or others negativities emotions, ability, expression and evaluation of their own or others of positive emotions, ability, expression and evaluation of their own or others negativities emotions, ability, regulation and control of your own or another's positive emotions, ability and regulation and control of yourself or others negativities emotions, ability.3.College Students on interpersonal Emotional Intelligence in general is positively skewed distribution, slightly overall human emotional intelligence is good, but in the concrete operation ability develops imbalance, in some there also exist differences demography variables. Among them, the difference between grade notable, in sex, only children and family background do not exist significant differences between, but there is a difference in some dimension.
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