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Research And Implementation Of Complex Dynamic Real-Time Cooperation Model DReaSCoM

Posted on:2002-07-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360092498872Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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The great progress of modern technology, especially the IT (information technology), promotes the cooperation among human beings. Computer has been playing a much more important role in people's cooperation than ever before. CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) becomes a hot topic in recent years.As the most complicated social activities, combat cannot be commanded without cooperation, especially in the Information Age.Due to the limited capabilities of communicating and information processing, combating units can only cooperate under the commanding of their superiors in traditional C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems. The directed cooperation is too inefficient to be applied in modern battlefield.Those commanders' capabilities of communicating and information processing have been improved due to the great progress of information technology. They can cooperate in more efficient, flexible, and complex ways. In the "Network Centered Warfare" proposed by US Navy, which is different from traditional "Platform Centered Warfare", CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capabilities) had been developed and is equipped for US Navy currently.The cooperation in Network Centered Warfare is more complex than before, including the complexities of group structures, the dynamics of battlefield situation, the continuous realtime adjustment of combatant strategy, and the strong cooperation in horizontal and vertical directions. Those conventional cooperation models cannot describe the cooperative behavior in modern C4ISR system. In this dissertation, a new cooperation model and key technologies for modern C4ISR system are studied. And a prototype is also designed and developed to validate the cooperation model proposed in the thesis.Firstly, the properties of cooperation in C4ISR system, such as complexity, dynamic and real-time, are described. A new cooperation model, DReaSCoM (Dynamic Real-time Strong Cooperation Model), is proposed. Two key technologies of cooperation model-group awareness and cooperation control, are studied, and specific mechanisms for group awareness and cooperation control in DReaSCoM, DHGA and DHCC, are also proposed. As a result, a prototype of the dynamic real-time strong cooperation system is developed to verify the cooperation model DReaSCoM and related mechanisms.The study of the thesis can be concluded as follows.1. A new complex hierarchical structure, Group Cluster, is firstly proposed. Expanded from traditional tree structure, the Group Cluster can illustrate the complex system.2. The architecture and functional structure of cooperators are constructed using agent-based models.3. The cooperation model DReaSCoM is built on group cluster. The 'Centered Command, Distributed Decision' in modern C4ISR system can be realized through horizontal intra-group cooperation and vertical inter-group cooperation.4. .A new group awareness mechanism, DHGA, and a new cooperation control mechanism, DHCC, are proposed for the dynamic hierarchical cooperation of cooperation model DReaSCoM, and their performance are also evaluated.5. A platform of the new generation of C4ISR system is designed based on the cooperation model DReaSCoM.6. A prototype is developed to validate the cooperation model DReaSCoM and the related mechanisms, DHGA and DHCC.It can be concluded from the thesis that the new generation of C4ISR system is more complex than common cooperative systems, and the cooperation model DReaSCoM, DHGA group awareness mechanism and DHCC cooperation control mechanism can be applied to describe the cooperative behaviors of modern C4ISR system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Hierarchy, Dynamic, Real-Time, Fault Tolerant, Strong Cooperation
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