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Research On Industrial Alliance Coupled With The Theory And Application Of Fractal Network Cooperation

Posted on:2003-04-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360095455020Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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The rapid development of network information technology exerts tremendous influence on modern industry. Network technology mingled with manufacturing engineering mellows into a great change of the market, products developing, manufacturing and enterprise management of the manufacturer. At the same time, the wide application of Internet promotes to quicken the process of economic globalization, which leads to the more fierce market competition than ever before. It is the important stratagem to establish the enterprise alliance in order to survive and develop tomorrow for the current companies, especially for small medium sized ones.Commonly, it is the essential condition being of the similarity of products, market, and technology to generate cooperation advantage for the enterprises. And at same time, the similarity of the products, market, and technology is distinguished by industries. Focusing on the service for the enterprises cooperation inside one industry, the industrial CSCW information platform coupled with its enterprise networked cooperation system is constructed. Furthermore, Industrial Alliance, an industry-oriented novel approach to establish networked enterprise alliance by high efficiency and low cost, is explored.The paper researches on both the principle and the realization methods of Industrial Alliance. Not only is the systematic theory of Industrial Alliance put forward, but also the architecture of Industrial Alliance is constructed to compartmentalize the interface among the organizations, activities, essential theories and application technologies that are the parts of the architecture.To simplify the organizing and workflow management of Industrial Alliance, the paper introduces fractal theory to the research and practice of Industrial Alliance. A fractal self-organizing system model is established. In the model, all the members of Industrial Alliance under various levels such as enterprise, department, sub-department etc could further form a dynamic sub-alliance to implement a concrete project. The operation style to nest multi-level dynamic sub-alliances can help Industrial Alliance to be self-organizing optimized and increase the flexibility and reconstructive capacity to the fluctuant market.To develop the right information system to support the realization of the dynamic sub-alliance of Industrial Alliance, a novel networked cooperation principle and technology, Fractal Agent and fractal network cooperation, is researched. The principle and technology shows us that the self-similar Fractal Agent can represent the structure of autonomous multi-level organizations of Industrial Alliance. Based on Fractal Agent, the networked-cooperation activities can be deployed on the CSCW information platform according to fractal network cooperation principle. Fractal network cooperation could be described by terms of the fractal L System, and it possesses a stereoscopic cooperation architecture that involves horizontal cooperation and vertical cooperation. The horizontal cooperation can be simplified by the cooperative relationship between dominant Fractal Agent and non-dominant Fractal Agent, and the vertical cooperation can be simplified by the cooperative relationship between father-level Fractal Agent and son-level Fractal Agent. The maincontents of vertical cooperation contain the dissociation of the goal, the synthesis and integration of sub-goals etc. And the contents of horizontal cooperation contain the allotment approach of tasks by means of contract net protocol and cooperation planning, the rules of partners' selection, the rate calculation and monitor of sub-task progress etc.The goal dissociation is the pre-requisite to commence a fractal network cooperation activity. The systematic method to dissociate a goal is studied including several aspects such as and-or tree of task dissociation, time-sequence constraint of sub-goal, the granularity of goal dissociation etc. Among them, the time-sequence constraint could be described by terms of our defined before relationship...
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Alliance, fractal, CSCW, information platform, Fractal Agent, fractal network cooperation, networked cooperative manufacturing, dynamic sub-alliance, self-organizing, ontology, information security policy, time-sequence constraint
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