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A Research And Application Of Intelligence Algorithm On Distribution Network Optimization Planning Platform

Posted on:2009-12-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360245475621Subject:Power system and its automation
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By means of distribution network optimized planning platform, the planner could guarantee substation capacity, position and supply region reasonably, increase distribution network reliability, and increase system invest benefit at maximum efficiency. The paper takes distribution network intelligent optimized planning as topic,applies AI theory to distribution network, researches for new problems in distribution network intelligent control field and applies the research to practical network. 1. The paper proposes culture algorithm base on GIS (Geography Culture algorithm, GCA) to solve city distribution network substation location and capacity issue.The paper stresses highly on the initial work of substation intelligent planning, relying on GIS analytical tool,automatic anglicizing the substation optimized geographic constraint area, reduce of blind search process thus make optimization velocity rising.2. The paper proposes a mixed algorithm GDE (Geo Differential Evolution, GDE) to proceed distribution network structural intelligent planning. The topology analysis technique on distribution network comprehensive planning and distribution network intelligent planning technology in GIS environment is discussed. To avoid premature,the tradition DE algorithm is improved.3.The paper proposes improved immunity genetic algorithm and applies to countywide electric network Reactive Optimization. The algorithm improves the global convergence ability and convergence rate. The paper stresses on the Reactive Optimization software technique aim to countywide network system, that is, taking iec61970 CIM model as foundational constructs distributing network analytical topology model.4.The paper proposes multi-group fuzzy differential evolution algorithm(Fuzzy Differential Evolution , FDE) and applies to distribution network fault restoration reorganization. The algorithm of distribution network fault restoration for multi-objective optimization with only pareto optimum solution is brought forward,In the processof evolution, guidance evolution parameter F and Cr of fuzzy controller is designed , which makes parameter adaptive, evolution efficient are improved.5.The paper makes extensive efforts in distribution network intelligence optimization platform software programming. The soft wares have already been used in actual engineering practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution network intelligence optimization planning platform, Intelligence Optimization Algorithms, Geography Information System(GIS), Fuzzy Control
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