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Effects And Mechanism Of Eliminating Blood Turbid Principal In Treating Ischemic Cerebral Injury

Posted on:2008-08-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1104360218458720Subject:Chinese medical science
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Objective:To issue the basis of theoretic foundation of eliminating blood turbid principal in treating ischemic cerebral injury, to investigate the characteristic appearance of"blood turbid"and"turbid injurying brain collaterals"in the procedure of ischemic cerebral injury,to observe the effect and molecular mechanism of eliminating blood turbid therapying ischemic cerebral injury. Methods: Based on theory of"turbid injurying brain collaterals", we develop Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion, and apply it in the following experiment research. We establish the Middle cerebral artery occlusion(MCAO) rats, for the research of focal cerebral ischemic. In order to evaluate the therapeutic effects of Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion, we observe the changes in MCAO rats on on nervous function impairment,cerebral infarction volume, apoptosis and necrosis rate of brain cells.And we observe the changes of TNF-α,IL-1β,sICAM-1 in the MCAO rats'serum in order to find out characteristic appearance of blood turbid. In the molecular study, make ex vivo research with vascular endothelial cell(VEC) culture and astrocyte cell culture. In order to find out the molecular mechanism of Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion'effect, we disposethe VEC and astrocyte cell in oxygen deficiency condition, and observe endothelial cell's changes on the expression of ICAM-1,VCAM-1,P-selectin,E-selectin, and observe astrocyte cell's activation leading to induced nitric oxide synthase(iNOS) expression and nitric oxide(NO) over-release. Results: Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion can significantly improve the nervous function impairment on MCAO rats, reduce cerebral infarction volume, decrease apoptosis rate in ischemic ambitus and inhibit abnormally increase of serum TNF-α,IL-1β,sICAM-1 in MCAO rats. Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion can promote survival rat of VEC in oxygen deficiency condition, and simultaneously Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion can decrease the expression of ICAM-1,VCAM-1,P-selectin, inhibit the NO release and the expession of iNOS in astrocyte under condition of oxygen deficiency. Conclusions:"Turbid injurying brain collaterals"is the main pathogenesis in ischemic stroke. Blood turbid is the common pathway through which various kinds etiological factors induce ischemic stroke. Hua-zhuo-xing-xue decotion can inhibit the inflammion reaction in ischemic brain lesion, and protect the never system, and that is the molecular mechanism of therapeutic effect on eliminating blood turbid principal in treating ischemic cerebral lesion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eliminating blood turbid, blood turbid, ischemic cerebral injury, inflammatory reaction
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