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A Study On The Development Of Ideological And Moral Education Support Subject In Community

Posted on:2012-09-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1106330368480753Subject:Ideological and political education
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he community teenagers’ education covers revolution tradition, moral education, laws and regulations, health education, environmental protection, sense of security and P.E. Among them, the effectiveness of teenagers’moral education directly influences the future of our country and our nation because the moral health of teenagers matters significantly to not only the happiness of a family but also the stability and prosperity of a nation.With the rapid development of urbanization, besides school, community has become such a most lingered neighborhood for the teenagers that it has become their "second school". Thus, it is as important a place as the real school which provides the teenagers with the moral education.Not only schools, but also community should take the responsibility in teenagers’moral education. In recent years, there are more and more newly established organizations in community, such as property service agencies, volunteer groups, neighborhood committees, etc. As an essential part of community, these organizations have an irreplaceable role to play in society as well as in teenagers’ moral education.In Western countries, the teenagers’ moral education has been perfected after years of exploration and reflection. In Hong Kong and Tai Wan, the relevant education services have also been reformed into maturity. However, in Mainland China, such studies and practices are still in their infancy. This essay studies the role of community organizations in teenagers’ moral education in quest of an effective way in building up a community teenagers’moral education system.There are four parts in this essay.1.An exploration of in supportive evidences for the building-up of Chinese Community Teenagers’ Moral Education System (CCTMES).2.An analysis of current role of the community organizations in teenagers’moral education. Such problems as the lack of governmental control and of the effective cooperation severely prevent the moral education from progressing. It is urgent to develop a reasonable working system for the organization in order to improve the moral health of Chinese teenagers.3.An illustration of the community organization’s role in teenagers’moral education in Western countries. There are some common traits in Western and Chinese community organizations in moral education. It is advisable for us to learn from the Western countries’ experience in provoking teenagers’ moral education in community organizations.4.Some strategies in developing Chinese Community Teenagers’Moral Education System. a.The guide and the principles of the construction of CCTMES.b.The multi-development of CCTMES.c.The exploration of the working process of CCTMES.
Keywords/Search Tags:community, community teenagers, Community Teenagers’ Moral Education System(CTMES), committee of the Communist Party, government, system
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