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Research Of The Function Of Civic Moral Education Of Community

Posted on:2009-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245976379Subject:Principles of Education
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With the development of the information age, the impact of media penetration into every corner of the society, schools can no longer stop the wall's impact on the social environment. Environments of family, school and community have become as a whole, which objectively composite the education-impact community and play an important role in the growth of the moral in young people. With the economic system reformation and social transformation, "the unit's people" are changed to "community's people ", and the community has gradually become social organizations at the grassroots level, and the importance of community emerged. Public areas of the community are developing fast accompanied by the development of rapid urban expansion, with the common feature gradually increasing, thus enabling the community to become the best practice place of the civic virtue with public and social as its notable feature.The community has a unique function of its civic and moral education, such as to improve young people's civic and moral awareness, to cultivate their moral sentiments, to own the regulatory function of altruism teamwork, the normative function on social participation, and the integrated education-supporting function .The reason that the community has the unique function of civic and moral education as above lies: community is a regional life Community, with public as its feature. In the community, there are plenty of educational resources, including static educational resources, as well as dynamic operation of these resources, and both these resources are the vector to achieve the civic and moral education function. Urban communities are generally at the building process with broad participation of members of the community as well as the full utilization of the community resources as its inevitable requirements. Therefore, the community building project will enable the integration of the educational resources within the community, and will also afford a perfect mean to realize the function of the community civic and moral education at the same time. Reflection on the realization process of the community civic and moral education function, I find that community's participative, comprehensive and regional characteristics decide the feature of the function of the community civic and moral education .Community building gradually leads the Educational Effective Community which is constructed by family, school and community to become a real Education Community in which the educational elements of the family ,school and community are in the same direction.
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