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Research On The Dilemma And Countermeasures Of Government Purchase Service In The Youth Community Education

Posted on:2018-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536987867Subject:Administrative Management
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Providing public services to meet public needs is the essence of the government,but the government doesn't necessarily produce public services directly.Purchasing public services from the private sector or the third sector is another way.Government purchase refers to fulfilling the functions of public services,which gives a part of the public service to the qualified social institutions in a contractual manner according to an open,fair and impartial manner and procedures,and then pays for the fee of the service with its quantity and quality.The youth community education is a kind of educational activities,which aims at serving the growth of young people and the sustainable development of the community.However,the existing forms of youth community education services are too simple to meet the diversity of learning needs.Buying youth community education services by means of outsourcing contracts,vouchers or other ways,which conforms to the change of social transformation,and fits the practical requirements of education governance.It will effectively ease the contradiction between supply and demand of youth community education,thus promote the construction of learning society.Government purchase of youth community education services has achieved tangible effectiveness in Nanjing,Wuxi and other places.In addition,the mode of education vouchers in Hangzhou has made considerable progress.However,there are still participation barriers,institutional barriers,and capacity barriers among the three major stakeholders of the government,social organizations and the public,which makes trouble for government purchase in following four aspects: the transformation of the purchaser's function has a long way to go,the participation ability of the social organizations and the participation awareness of the learners need to be strengthened,and the supervision and evaluation ability of the third party is weak.The reason for the above problems include political factors such as the lack of management and security mechanism,economic factors such as the lack of funds,social factors such as lack of cognition and cognitive bias,and technical factors such as insufficient performance evaluation.In order to find the effective way out for the government purchase of the youth community education,it should take a series of comprehensive reform for the government,the social organization and the public,which includes changing the government's concept,perfecting the laws and regulations,strengthening undertaking capacity of social organizations and so on.
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