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On City Community Management System For Legal Analysis

Posted on:2011-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Was thorough along with the reform and open policy and the socialist market economy unceasing development, our country social class structure has had the deep transformation, the street community no longer is unceasingly under the planned economy the pure resident dwelling place, already became each kind of Social organization's foothold, each kind of social group's assembly point, each kind of etiquette's convergence point, each kind of social contradictory rallying point. Throughout the land various community develops like a raging fire which the activity carries on, had already made the very big progress, accumulated certain theory achievement and the experience. In reforms and in the practice, the community presented many new things, the new situation, new question truly, new contradictory, the community manages is facing the new environment, the new pattern, the new duty, the new difficult problem. The planned economy system time leaves behind the community management system and the legal system standard already could not adapt today's community, even if passes through the community management pattern which in the urban community reforming process adjusts many times, moves to this present situation and the management request similarly with difficulty with the urban management center of gravity under adapts. This article first obtains from the urban community's analysis, and the Western developed country city community management pattern achievement will cut the person spot, chose the practice pattern which internationally three kind of typical communities managed to carry on the comparative analysis. Afterward bases our country city management present situation, our country city community has managed the result which, the existence question since to the reform and open policy obtains to carry on the system to summarize and to analyze the existence question reason. The article believed that since the reform and open policy, our country city community has managed has made the considerable progress. But, as a result of planned economy system's influence as well as legal regime's lag, our country's urban community manages the administration color to be thick, the Community organizations structure establishment not science, the subdistrict office and Residents'committee's function is chaotic, these the tendency which as well as the urban community management system reform request changes tracks and changes form with the urban society are incompatible with, must carry on the reform. The article proposed the reform tradition city community management system's guiding principle, has outlined our country city community management system reform elementary object pattern, based on this, how did the article to implement the urban community management system reform under the legal safeguard to propose the countermeasure:Defines clearly the subdistrict office and residents' committee's function division; Separately carries on the reform in the street stratification plane and the community stratification plane, the innovation government mode of administration; Speeds up the legislative work, establishes the perfect Community organizations laws and regulations system, constructs a community law, the revision and the consummation "City street Office Organic rules" and "Municipal resident's committee Constitutive law"; Vigorously the development community Non-profit organization and volunteers the organization. Establishes the scientific order, the structure to be reasonable finally, the legal safeguard perfect modern city community manages the new pattern.
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