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Urban Community Self-government Model Research

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J MuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330515952342Subject:Sociology of Ethnicity
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With the deepening of the reform and opening up,the economy and society inChina has developed rapidly.But at present,China is still in the primary stage of socialism,the social governance model seriously lags behind the economic development speed,a lot of contradictions and problems have been gathered,which need to solve rapidly.Community,as the smallest cell of city administrative division,has become the main land that lots of contradictions and problems gathered here.So,in the process of social development and progress,countries and scholars pay attention to community autonomy gradually.This paper makes urban district in Hohhot as an example,refining community into a single cell and carrying out different autonomous pattern classification according to different autonomy subject.Through many investigations,I try to explore the problems that the main community autonomy organizations what play role in community autonomy.Finally I put forward some countermeasures to strengthen urban community autonomy.Through three kinds of community autonomy model study,I find some facts as follows:first,the reform of the system is not complete.Lots of people still depend on the old system,so taking part in social autonomy is not active.Second,the owners' committee are set up less,and there exists some problems,such as owners' congress convened difficultly,lack of specific legal system and technical staff.third,community residents' committees are being given strong administrative color.Autonomous role that it should play is not ideal.To solve above-mentioned problems,I put forward the following points.First,straightening the status and roles of community autonomous organization,to promote the current three main autonomous power.second,Promoting rapid and healthy development of the other community organizations.third,Improving and perfecting the system of community autonomy law constantly.In a word,urban community autonomy is a process of synergy,and need constantly developing.
Keywords/Search Tags:community autonomy mode, Community residents' committees, The owners' committee
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