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Neighborhood Space, Institutional Competence And Community Governance Performance In The Context Of Social Transformation

Posted on:2014-04-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1106330434474246Subject:Social management and social policy
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In the case of Kunshan City, by observing the communities related to social control property affairs intersubjective interaction, from understanding the nature of the neighborhood space, combined with the ability to mobilize for the neighborhood internal and external resources for capacity analysis to explore the context of social transformation Community governance performance and its influencing factors. This study used sample survey, case interviews, text analysis and other methods and multi-linear model analysis of survey data. The study found that urban communities in Kunshan City, showing a clear differentiation in general.Community residents demographic characteristics, socioeconomic background characteristics of the behavior of the residents have extensive community involvement significantly affected. As the master of socio-economic resources, lifestyles, values and other differences, the neighborhood residents’ sense of community space and community awareness of the interests of residents, community participation behavior have shown significant differences. Community governance community stability will have a significant impact on performance. Community governance of education will have a significant impact on performance. Community-based community participation in public equity participation in community governance performance has a significant positive effect. Neighborhood communities through community activist networks to human, face, reciprocity and other means to the residents in achieving control of grassroots community has played an important role. Community committees lack their own resources, the new neighborhood space particularity, and community activists to promote the neighborhood to the limitations of the network within the community, the community outside the organization seeks mutually beneficial and stable cooperative relationship, which to some extent, help communities overcome their own neighborhood plight, help to improve the neighborhood in the community governance performance.The author raised the following recommendations to community governance:Reduce the administrative committees color, restore the face of neighborhood community self-organization; community committee can become an intermediary to many related resources in neighborhood; government need to integrate resources to build a comprehensive database of demographic information for the city to provide decision support grassroots governance. Emphasis on local institutional capacity building, the pursuit of long-term governance model and cultural formation. In this study, rapid urbanization typical of the emerging urban background investigation Kunshan city community governance practices, in order to understand the transition state of the grass-roots social control specific changes provides a good perspective on this basis for enhancing the formation of Community governance capacity countermeasures and suggestions of practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Neighborhood, Institutional Capacity, Community Governance
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