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Research On The Optimization Of Local Government Function In Socialization Of Aged Service

Posted on:2014-05-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330434973380Subject:Administrative Management
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During the period of developmental transformation in our country, the key step of the government development is to achieve the overall optimization of the system of government functions. Between the local government function optimization and transformation of government functions, there are associations and differences. The former is for the government to adapt their political development, social transformation, such as changes in the external environment, in terms of government function of adaptive adjustment; the latter is that the more progressive-oriented optimization functions with an attitude adjustment and a wider perspective. This gradual adjustment can develop in the non-transformation of government functions, in the process of transforming, and can still commence after the transforming completes. The paper finds that the "transformation" is not the only word in the government functions. Besides "transformation", there is a lot of state which is waiting for transformation or no need to transformate. What functions should be done under these conditions; optimization of functions should be able to do.Local government functions in the socialization of old-age service are both a static structure and a dynamic process. The analytical framework of this paper is the socialization of old-age service as local government background, functions positioning, configuration, performance as the principal framework, and the main line is the integrity of local government function optimization."Functions positioning" is to define the areas and track for "Functions". In the chapter of "Functions positioning ", the author made the classification and the collation on the "Roles Positioning" and "Duties Positioning" for Shanghai local government functions positioning in the socialization of old-age service. As the obfuscation of the function, the author probed into "Functions positioning" with two visual dimensions which are the center for the provider and the center for the user. And the deviation of the local government functions positioning should be affected by this two signal dimensions."Function configuration "defines the content and the carrier of operation. In this chapter, the author made the classification to content and division for Shanghai local government function configuration in the socialization of old-age service, followed by discussion on the issue of allocation insufficiency to regulatory functions within the government."Functions performance" means to put the functions into practice in the process of government work. And the operation features of the performance of the Shanghai local government in the socialization of old-age service and the "Obstruction of the Collaboration" in the view of the network of the actors in urban governance have been assorted and discussed in this chapter.In the end chapter, the author proposed several optimization ideas such as the positioning perspective of "the interaction between the provider and user"; the optimization ideas of full strengthening regulatory functions; the optimization ideas of covering structural shortage; the optimization ideas of enhancing interests gives, the promotion collaboration and co-equilibrium.Eventually, the author summarized the core value of the overall optimization of the local government functions in the socialization of old-age service which is the system optimization of functions positioning, functions configuration and functions collaboration.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Socialization of Old-age Service, Local Government, Function-Optimization, Shanghai
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