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A Study On The Scientific Construction Of Party Building In Urban Community

Posted on:2017-05-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M T LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1106330488455064Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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Urban community is an important platform for the modern life of the city, its significance not only have a profound impact to the process of urbanization, but also to the harmony and stability of the whole society. Therefore, how to strengthen community building? What role of the community organizations should play? How to make the Community Party and community building benign interaction? There are not more researches with the perspective of scientific Party building in the academic world. In fact, the scientific community party building is worth of an important topic.The paper, with the problem awareness, systematically studies the problems of scientific party building in the urban community, using literature research, historical analysis, dialectical analysis, comparative analysis, chart analysis and other research methods. The thesis contains three parts, respectively introduction, body(five chapters)and conclusion.The article develops gradually in the following aspects:First of all,it discusses the basic theory referred to the scientific construction of the community party by definin g the concept and analyzing the theory on the research subject such as community and the city community.Secondly,it hackles the development process and practice model of the community party construction in China,on the basis of which we summarize the basic experience of the community party construction.Thirdly,it analyzes the main pr oblems of the current urban community party construction and explores the causes to the paper puts forward some effective ideas and countermeasures to solve these proble ms accordingly.On the basis of systematically studies, the paper concludes that scientific party building in the community construction is a new strategy of sustainable development and benign interaction between the party building and community construction. By raising the scientific level of party building in the community, it is conductive to enhance the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of community organizations; to advance the administrative regulation forces of grass-roots community organizations; to improve the grassroots level of autonomy.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban community, scientificization of party building, evaluation mechanism
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