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Aesthetic Education And The All - Round Development Of College Students

Posted on:2016-11-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the rapid development of science and technology bringing us rich material resources, human beings, as creators and practitioners, are playing more and more prominent roles, and education is going to occupy a significant position in the entire public service. China’s education contains five aspects:moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, which has gone through a tortuous and arduous journey. Throughout the Making a comprehensive survey of history, these five aspects didn’t have a balanced development:the ancient education paid attention to moral education, while modern education followed intellectual, especially after reform and open. Whatever modern or ancient education, all of which hindered the development of aesthetic education more or less, which influence integrated development of students. The research target of this paper is aesthetic education’s prompt action to university students’integrated education. This paper try to discuss the position and value of integrated education in the process of education, which can be hoped have a elicitation to China’s education reform.The introduction part outlines the significance of the selected topic, the domestic and foreign research present situation, research content, research ideas and methods, the key difficulty and innovation, and it also lays a foundation for the whole article.The body is divided into two parts. The first part consists of chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4, which discusses the essence, function, history development of aesthetic education and relationship between education and integrated development. The second chapter mainly discusses the general concept, the nature and function of aesthetic education. Aesthetic education’s purpose is to cultivate one’s aesthetic taste, to shape one’s aesthetic consciousness, to enhance people’s aesthetic needs. Art education permeation into moral education, intellectual education and physical education in essence, inducing moral education with art education, cultivate taste, purify hearts; arousing sincere art education, developing creative ability, opening the door of intelligence; enhancing physics education with art education, with healthy body. In the process of prompting integrated development, art education also push forward the development and improvement of society.The third second chapter mainly discusses the historical development of aesthetic education. This chapter from the precondition of aesthetic education in man’s Aesthetic Consciousness. Chinese Confucian education of "ritual", "pure beauty" ideology of the ancient Greek Plato’s,, which jointly opened the first human aesthetic education. Western aesthetics in modern times has been considerable development; with learning from western, China absorb the achievements of Western civilization, having aesthetic theory and practice of Chinese characteristics. Differences Between Chinese and Western cultures determines the distinctive aesthetic education in western and Chinese.The forth chapter mainly discusses the relationship between the Marxist aesthetic view and the all-round development of human. Marxist aesthetic view is the basis of the dissertation. Through integrating the theories of aesthetic values and the all-round development of human, the paper explores the relationship between aesthetic education and people’s all-round development of their needs, subjectivity, various abilities, personality freedom, and social relationship.The second part consists of chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8 and chapter 9, which discusses the characteristic of aesthetic education in five aspects:formal aesthetic education, natural aesthetic education, scientific and technological aesthetic education, social aesthetic education, and art aesthetic education. Which illustrated how to promote the formation of university students in forming a perfect personality and creativity development.Chapter ten is a summary of whole text, which is a prospect of aesthetic education in colleges. The first step to prompt healthy development of aesthetic education is that we must t have aesthetic, updating educational concept, restating concept of fully development, highlighting the concept of personality development, deepening the concept of focusing on the future, griping the modern weapons of aesthetic education. Practical significance of university students must be r re-examined in aesthetic education, a clear way of practicing aesthetic education should be definite, carrying out a full classroom education and extracurricular aesthetic activities.
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