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Researching On The Thought Of Saving The Country Through Science

Posted on:2007-11-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1115360215950844Subject:China's modern history
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Modern China, suffered many mishaps in her life. People with lofty ideals advanced waved upon waved, to explore the truth of saving country. So, various kinds of ethos rose and fell in ideological cultural field. strongly clear showed that people thought deeply for the nation and folk in the different seedtime in modern China. Thought of saving the country through science was also eye-catching historical phenomenon in modern history undoubtedly . This paper is decided to take the thought of saving the country through science as title to discuss, so as to rubbing the research field of ethos.Thought of saving the country through science was a kind of patriotism progressive thought , which was a passel of patriotic intellectual in modern China ,who had got western scientific influence deeply, under the specific historical condition of saving the nation from extinction to extist , and on the base of reflection of various efforts of saving the nation in last 100 year, to sparkpluged that take the western science to retrieval China. Its representative figures were the patriotic advanced intellectual of a passel of modern pursuing advancement mainly, most of them were natural scientist , which studied abroad, had the natural science diathesis background. They advocated to save China with western science, namly that to rebuild China with western scientific method, knowledge and spirit, so as to realize the independence of China really and prosperity. They emphasized that science was the highest layer surface, and the basic weapon of saving country . China Science Club and its Science magazine became the major organization and medium that advocated and propagated the thought of saving country through science . It's representative figures took the scientific educating, translating western scientific works , originating newspapers and periodicals , applying science to combine with industry, found scientific organization and academy, as well as engaging in scientific research etc, as approach of saving country. They had developed designedly and consciously the propaganda and practices of saving country , promoted the Chinese modern process strongly.Thought of saving the country through science went through a course which from sprouting to forming, to developing and enriching. The course related with transform and development of society in modern China closely, and moved forward increasingly along with the movment scientific idea of modern compatriots. The period of the Opium War, sprouted dim Thought of Saving the Country Through Science; In 20 century beginning, appeared preliminary Thought of Saving the Country Through Science; In 1915, China Science Club and its Science magazine were founded, as well as"Theory of saving the country through science"was published, were marked thought of saving the country through science came into being . In the May 4th Movement times, the influence of thought enlarged gradually. Go to the 1920's , along with the debate of science and philosophy spreading out , its propagandizing manner and content etc. occured the change of different level, the person who believing Thought of saving the country through science increased increasingly. After the 30's , the thought was at the height of power and splendour , mainly to make scientific China , its social popular level had reinforced, the surface of social influence had enlarged , and its practice was carried out actively. After 1937, Anti-Japanese War and founding a state became social main trend, the thought was moved towards gradually from climax to decline. Especially after 1945, its representative figures started changing direction from on saving country through science to turn to build country with science gradually.Thought of saving the country through science affected the process of modern China, promoted modern politics, economic, cultural transform and advance on certain level, especially the influence ineducation particularly notable. Most obvious, raised the transform in a educational field in modern China , the representative figure of Thought of saving the country through science put forward a conception, which to establish the perfect scientific national education system in modern China , and initiated the concept that science and humanism were both important on talent training pattern. So as to speed up the raising of national scientific knowledge and scientific quality, establish foundation for realizing the goal of Saving the country through science finally.
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