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Study On The Transformation Of Administrative Approval Mode In China

Posted on:2012-05-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The administrative approval mode is the standardized style of the administrative approval which comes from the abstraction and simplified summary of its attributive feature, structure of system, and status of processes. The administrative approval mode is dynamical developing, rather than fixed and changeless. The transformation of administrative approval mode is a crossing point of administrative approval system reformation and the government management mode in the field of the government innovation, and it is the government reformation including features of consciousness,wholeness,continuity and creativity. On the transformation of administrative approval mode in China, we use the administrative service center as the carrier and innovative platform, which is based on learning the reform of"one-stop"service from foreign countries. The construction of the administrative service center, which has the spontaneous and learning characteristics, not only shows the distinct localization characteristics, but also shows the obvious progressive characteristics. This paper regards administrative service centre as the blueprint, regarding transformation of administrative approval mode as the main line, inspecting transformation of administrative approval mode placed into administrative service center construction, putting the administrative service center building into the macro background of administrative approval mode transformation and E-government Construction, analyzing the system of categories and transformation carriers of the administrative approval mode integrally, and researching the influence factors and the development line of transformation of administrative approval mode systematically. The following are the main contents of the paper:The aspect of introduction mainly represents some basic problems, such as the reasons of topic selection, significance of researching, review of research at home and abroad, structure of the graduation paper, research approaches and possible creation and shortcomings, etc.The first chapter, the basis of the transformation of administrative approval mode: cognitive, value and power. These three aspects together not only constitute the developing basis of changes in administrative approval mode, but also lays a logical foundation for the following research. The research on cognitive basis begins with the analysis of the concept of changes in administrative approval mode, and it can be divided into three subsidiary concepts: administrative approval, administrative approval mode and changes in administrative approval mode. Through the interpretation of the origin and meaning of this series of concepts, as well as the respective analysis of the relationship between the administrative approval system and the reform of administrative approval, we clarify the connotation and extension of the concept. The basis of value determines the pursuit of value, while the pursuit of value affects goals and behavior, and guides the behavioral processes. The value basis of changes in administrative approval mode is primarily constituted by three parts, value concepts, value principles and values pursuits, and the specific content includes the unity of popular sovereignty and administration according to law, the concurrent consideration of administrative efficiency and fairness and justice, and the balance of government intervention and market mechanism. The changes in administrative approval mode must have a solid power base which is sufficient to overcome a lot of inside resistance. In order to adapt to the requirements of globalization, modernization and social transformation, public administration development, government capacity building and change of public demand constitute the power base of changes in administrative approval mode.The second chapter, the carrier of the transformation of administrative approval mode: administrative service center. The relationship between changes in administrative approval model and administrative service center is the logic relationship between the subject and carrier, content and form, which determines that the administrative service center must carry the mission of achieving changes in administrative approval mode. New public management theory, new public service theory and governance theory are the theoretical basis for the birth and development of administrative service center and provide theoretical guidance for the building of administrative service center. The successful practice of foreign administrative service center and mature experience of "one-stop" service can provide useful inspiration for China, and we should learn rational component from them. The mission of administrative service centers in various stages of administrative approval mode change is reflected in the specific development process of administrative service center, and from lower to higher it experiences three stages: learning planning, practical application and improvementThe third chapter, the mode transforming from dispersed approval to centralized approval. This chapter and Chapters IV and V is a logical coherent. Dispersed approval mode is essentially a "multi-stop" approval mode, and from the perspective of market economy, rule of law, public administration, the decay and loss of this mode is obvious. The establishment of the target of construction of service-oriented government, the preparation of initial reform groundwork and full system and the structural contradictions and adjustment of the supply and demand of public services, are the power sources of the changes from dispersed approval model to relative concentrated approval model. From the perspective of system changes, the Chinese local governments in the reform follow two different realization paths, "mandatory" or "inductive", and specifically its implementation strategy includes adjusting the organizational structure, improving processing methods and strengthening administrative coordination and emphasizing supervision and management. Relative concentrated examination and approval mode is an advanced result of changes in administrative approval mode, and it effectively resolves the structural contradictions of the supply and demand of public services under traditional bureaucratic model and makes achievements in public service quality, level and efficiency.The fourth chapter, the mode transforming from relative centralized approval to centralized approval. Actual plight that relative centralized approval mode faces is mainly embodied in the imprecise nature and status imprecise, Irregular using of power, imperfect service process and lack of supervision and management, etc. With the deep penetration of construction of the service-oriented government and the increasing demand of the public service from the public, it is objectively imperative to have a deeper reform to administrative approval mode so as to satisfy the ensured request of the completed e-governmental service system needs when it runs about the adapted reform of the administrative system, that is, to finish the striding forward from comparatively concentrated approval mode recently to centralized approval mode. In the process of future mode reformation, we need to regard the trend to overall government of advancing the super ministry system reformation, further development of e-government construction and gradual advancing the equalization of basic public services as the motivation and support, and we also need to choose incremental reform path and sound reform strategy.The fifth chapter, online administrative approval: muster the ideal blueprint of the centralized approval mode. Administrative examination and approval online is the high stage of the mode of administrative examination and approval, a new way of examine and approval with the rise of electronic administration, representing the final direction of administrative examination and approval on the condition of modern information and communication technology. Administrative examination and approval online is different from other administrative examination and approval naturally. Its advantage lies in reducing the costs of examine and approval, upgrading the efficiency of examine and approval, boosting the administrative publicity and consolidating the technological regulations. The general design of administrative examination and approval online divided into two parts, systematic model and process design. In order to impel the full application of administrative examination and approval online, we should take some advancing policies, layout the systematic platform of administrative examination and approval online with reason, optimizing the process of parallel connection examination and approbation, quickening relevant the programs of laws and regulations.
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