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Research On The Issues Of The Relative Centralized Power Of Administrative Permission

Posted on:2018-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y WenFull Text:PDF
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The relative centralized power of administrative permission has a strong theoretical value for the separation of checks and balances of scientific control of government power,promotion of administrative license effectiveness and promotion of administrative decision-making,enforcement and supervision..China in 2015 to carry out the centralized power of administrative permission pilot reform has achieved success,but also highlights the more problems and disputes.Mainly in the legislative imperfections: the provisions of the centralized power of administrative permission is too principled,general;law enforcement mechanism is not perfect: the administrative organs of business docking uncoordinated to determine the scope of centralized administrative permission is not scientific;supervision of relief system is not Package:lack of administrative relative rights relief system.To solve these problems first of all through the relevant principles of administrative law on the relative concentration of administrative licensing system to regulate,and then for the specific issues were improved and improved.In the legislative aspects to improve the relative concentration of the relevant provisions of the administrative license;in the law enforcement horizontal and vertical docking to coordinate,and determine the appropriate concentration range;in the supervision of relief to improve the centralized administrative license and supporting relief mechanism,To ensure the steadydevelopment of the relatively centralized power of administrative permission system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relatively centralized administrative license, Administrative approval, Pilot reform
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