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Research On The Coordination Of Administrative Approval And Supervision Under The Background Of Relatively Centralized Administrative Licensing Reform

Posted on:2021-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330605972888Subject:Administrative Management
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At present,the administrative examination and approval system reform is the top priority to simplify administration and delegate power,combine decentralization with management and improve service level,while the relatively centralized administrative license embodies the innovation of reform means and methods,aiming to further improve the efficiency of examination and approval,optimize examination and approval services,and improve the satisfaction of administrative counterparts.However,due to the fact that the reform of relatively centralized administrative license involves many departments,involves complex interests,and is not smooth in information,there are many obstacles in cross department coordination.For the reform of relatively centralized administrative license,the coordination after the separation of approval and supervision is the key to ensure the smooth progress of the reform and the realization of the reform objectives,so this is a serious problem that needs to be solved for the local administrative examination and approval bureaus.Based on the theory of seamless government,integrated government and collaborative government,this paper studies the coordination of administrative approval and supervision in the reform of relatively centralized administrative licensing by means of literature research,case analysis and in-depth interview.First of all,this paper sorts out the evolution process from integration to separation of the administrative approval and supervision relationship,and discusses the vertical and horizontal dimensions and categories of the administrative approval and supervision coordination.Taking J City as an example,this paper comprehensively expounds the important measures taken by administrative examination and approval service bureau of J City in the aspects of organization establishment,responsibility division,coordination mechanism,and supervision related to coordination of administrative approval and supervision.Then this paper introduces the preliminary results of the collaborative efforts of administrative approval and supervision,focusing on the reform of commercial system and the reform of approval system of engineering construction projects.On this basis,it is found that there are still some problems among the administrative approval and supervision departments,such as the unclear division of authority and responsibility between the administrative approval and supervision departments,the difficulty of breaking the information island,the untimely administrative approval and supervision coordination,the lack of transmission and feedback,and the poor coordination between the upper and lower levels of government.The causes of the problems include many factors,such as the lack of legal system,the shackles of the administrative management system,the information barrier and the insufficient number and capacity of personnel.Therefore,the government also needs to strengthen the coordination of administrative approval and supervision from many aspects,not only to reach a unified consensus on reform,strengthen the top-level design of reform and improve the legal system,but also to improve various mechanisms such as decision-making,cooperation,information feedback.Then build an administrative approval and supervision interactive platform and strengthen information security to promote information exchange.In addition,we should strengthen the supervision of government regulators,conduct strict supervision during and after events,improve the quality of personnel,and build a team of examination and approval supervision talents.Although it is difficult to solve the problem of cross departmental coordination of administrative approval and supervision in a short period of time,I believe that by constantly reflecting on the mistakes and solving the contradictions and problems in the reform,the reform and development of relatively centralized administrative license will be more mature.
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