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Research On The Model Of "Administrative Approval Bureau" Relatively Centralized Administrative Licensing System

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The "Administrative Approval Bureau" model is one of the practical modes of the relatively centralized administrative licensing system.The direct legal basis for this model comes from the “Administrative Licensing Law of the People's Republic of China” promulgated in 2004(hereinafter referred to as the “Administrative Licensing Law”).Since the start of the model pilot,many achievements have been made,which have contributed to the in-depth promotion of China's administrative examination and approval system reform and the improvement of the national governance system and governance capacity.They have been highly recognized by the central and state departments,but at the same time the model has also been exposed.There are a lot of problems that make it hard to run on its surface.The thesis conducts research on the subject of research and examination by the C District X District Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau.It mainly analyzes the three aspects of the subjective legitimacy,institutional cohesion and regulatory checks and balances of the “Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau” model,and corresponds to the clear pilot area.Model main body qualification,reconstruct administrative organization structure,combine and apply the results of “fangguanfu” reform,establish internal and external checks and balances mechanism of power concentration,and standardize the implementation of supervisory responsibility of industry authorities to find a solution path,in order to achieve the perfection of the model And effective advancement helps.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative examination and approval bureau, Relatively centralized administrative license, Administrative examination and approval system reform
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